Reviews - Paranormal

MYSTERY: Bram Farrell, also known as The Raven, is a private investigator who specializes in Otherworlder crimes and punishment. He is looking for time to settle down after his last adventure. He only wants to relax and spend time with his girlfriend, Naomie, who just so happens to also be his secretary.

Claudia has always been surrounded by bodyguards. Being a Fire Maiden since birth can have its burdens. She has a one-night stand with a stranger, a way for her to feel free, and it backfires on her quite quickly when the stranger is hired as her next bodyguard. Heath, a bear shifter, was not expecting to become the bodyguard to someone as stubborn and fiery as Claudia.

LGBT: Dr. Alexander Coimhead finds himself in Ludwikowice Klodzkie, Poland investigating the areas the Nazis once occupied. One site is called “Hitler’s Stonehenge.” Alex is convinced a link exists connecting these sites to occultism. Alex is working with Jacob Einer who is an agent of the Praesidium. When Alex’s boyfriend, Rafe, shows up unexpectedly, tensions are high.

Ridley’s mother was killed by vampires which sent her on the run and into the street. She was taken in by the Slayers, who trained her, and she is now known as Reaper. She trained to be a slayer so she can wipe out all vampires and half-humans, the dhampir. Zaq Kral is her current target, a Kral Vampire Syndicate Prince. She despises the dhampir and feels that this family feeds off the humans.

Chinoah's and Killian's budding romance has a few obstacles to overcome when a warrior angel assignment interrupts their holiday vacation. Chinoah must decide if she wants to spend eternity loving Killian before they consummate their desire for each other. They are assigned to travel back to 1878, posing as husband and wife, to stop the nefarious plans of a demon in Wylder, Wyoming.