Reviews - Paranormal

Valerian St-Amand is a centuries-old vampire on an altruistic mission to help new vampires adapt and survive. Maisie Thibodeau is a powerful witch sent by her coven to rein in one of Valerian’s more precocious immortals. When the vampire she is tasked with controlling is viciously attacked, Maisie quickly assumes the role of protector.

Rhett Bishop has officially been made an agent of Redclaw Security. Her first official mission: pose as a housewife, complete with a fake husband. Agent Peter Knight is that husband, a circumstance complicated by the fact that she has genuine feelings for him—feelings he reciprocates.

The Lonely Vampire

HORROR:  In 1578, Ileana Vladislava fled Transylvania in the midst of locals eradicating vampires from the region and re-established herself in Newcastle upon Tyne. Now, a hundred years later, Ileana lives a lonely existence in the castle of Wightwick Hall.

LGBTQIA/M/M:  Wolf shifters live complicated lives. The wolf presents itself inside its human when the human is a teen. For this reason, a pack created a school in the forest of Maine. The pack leader is named Diego, but his pack doesn’t always make leading easy. Grant has taken a position at the camp and he and his wolf meet another she-wolf.

Zaida, blade mistress siren and Fae queen's assassin, has only one more target on her century’s old contract before she gains her freedom from the cruel queen’s murderous service. Zimm, former Army Ranger sniper, now FBI agent, has been assigned to the secret task force to protect her and three other magical women in charge of investigating bizarre deaths with paranormal connotations.