Reviews - Paranormal

Delia Donovan, “The Ice Queen”, is a no-nonsense prosecutor for Los Angeles who is secretly a witch! She reluctantly joins a task force to protect and assist her younger sister and a small collection of magical women in an investigation to solve a cold case murder and a legendary disappearance. Mark Cavan is the mouth-watering gorgeous FBI Agent assigned to protect the sisters.

Zack Liller and his sister have been hired to research and certify the paranormal activity at the Granwin House, a haunted B&B hotel in the small town of Wickwood. Zack, a psychic paranormal investigator, is looking for a field assistant to hire for his sister’s firm.

Ophelia is a mystic who can predict the future and desires a family of her own. She has seen the birth of her child at a young age and knows who the father will be. Ulric is an earth worker, who lost a wife and child from a previous marriage and their deaths and the guilt nearly destroyed him.

Wynne has a lot going on. Not only has she been the head of her coven since her mother went missing, she has just been offered a place on the prestigious Council, and she is dealing with a curse that leaves her as stony as a Gargoyle every sunrise and sunset.

When Grace Connolly arrives in Ireland to deal with a property she was left by her great-great-uncle, she never imagined she’d run in to her childhood friend Finn, although she hoped she would. Memories of him have plagued her all her life, so when she does run into him purely by accident, sparks fly.