Security Force of Two (Mountain Town Mysteries Book 1)

Tena Stetler

Candle Bearclaw is a gifted computer analyst/programmer recruited right out of college by the CIA. Her latest assignment is going down a very dark and dangerous path. After 15 years she resigns and returns to her hometown of Aspen Ridge, Colorado, where her father was Chief of Police. Miacoh Zane, a Special Forces Veteran returns to Aspen Ridge to settle his grandmother’s estate. Neither counted on the horrible crime of murder committed against the new chief who replaced Candle’s father. Neither counted on having to help Homeland Security, the FBI, and the local police to solve the murder.

“Security Force of Two” is a wonderful start to a new series! The author has created a storyline that pulls the reader in from the first page until the very end. The characters are well written and complex, and one is going to love the small town setting. The story has some fun moments with a dog thrown into the mix. The reader will love Candle, who is tough as nails, knows what she wants, and doesn’t need rescuing. Tena Stetler has successfully included many different genres in this tale. such as a touch of paranormal, sparks of romance, suspense, and action, all within a small town setting! The relationship between Candle and Miacoh slowly develops naturally while their chemistry and attraction between them steams up the pages. One may feel the story seems long in places, and wish for a little more of the paranormal element, but overall, “Security Force of Two” is a brilliantly told tale!

Victoria Zumbrum