Reviews - Mystery

When Winston Radhauser returns home because the uncle who raised him is dying, he has no idea just how many skeletons will be unearthed about his past. Winston learns his parents aren’t dead like he’s always been told: his mother, who hasn’t spoken a word in over 42 years, is in a mental institution, accused of murdering Winston’s three month old sister, and his father is missing.

During their teenage years, Rachel Cummings and Deborah, while having their happy bike ride to one of their hangout joints (a barn), found the dead body of their friend, Joseph. Joseph and Rachel were teenage lovers, although they had kept it a secret. Afterward, both took different paths in life, but thirty years later, the death of Joseph’s mother brings them together.

HISTORICAL:  When Mr. Kinkaid Ambrose, Penelope’s husband, is murdered, Penelope leaves Shanghai for New York where she moves in with her mother and brother. In Shanghai, she operated a casino, The Jade Tiger.

Cassandra is the Vice President of Student Affairs at a college in Nebraska. Coming from Hawaii, Cassandra has experienced a lot of firsts… her first major snowstorm, buying her first house, fostering a dog, and the death of her former boss.

Recently divorced, Tilly Donner is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, while working her job as the only reporter of the local paper. When a neighbor's nectarine orchard goes up in flames one night, and her other neighbor ends up dead the next morning, Tilly wonders if the small town she's grown to love harbors a murderer in its midst.