Divinely Dramatic

Sandra L.

Marcy, creative salesclerk for Divine Vintage, can see auras! Asked to fill-in as costume designer for a community play, she's anticipating the challenge of pulling together period costumes. However, she's not anticipating a prickly, divine looking director with a pulsing red aura and gorgeous girlfriend, or the eerie, luminous white aura in the costume loft. Mike is a project engineer by day and director o, "The Importance of Being Earnest" by night. The last thing he anticipates is babysitting a rookie designer with distractingly long legs and a personal fashion style highlighting those distracting long legs! When they start experiencing strange things in the theater, Marcy calls on her Divine Vintage friends to help solve the mystery of the white aura. The ladies are pulled into a tragic vision from the theater's past that may involve a love triangle – and murder!

"Divinely Dramatic" delivers intrigue with a touch of the woo-woo and the whoo-hoo! Reader's will enjoy the spectral mystery of yesteryear with the backdrop of a modern romance. Dialogue running the gamut of snarky to insightful provides spot-on voices to the whole cast of characters. The push-and-pull of familial and romantic relationships, plus the self-discovery of adulting is presented in a refreshing manner. The romantic scenes may have some wishing for a steamier rewrite, while some may find them just their cup of tea. The supernatural happenings set the stage for a mystery solved with little fanfare. The costume descriptions will have vintage fashionistas salivating. Act II of Ms. Young's Divine Vintage series is a standalone performance, enticing readers to wonder about Act I while hoping there is a short intermission to the third. Brava!

Tonya Mathenia