Reviews - Paranormal

MYSTERY: Jillian Winchester has an interesting job. She travels the country talking with ghosts, then she shares their rich and varied stories on her blog, aptly named Spirited Quest. But one fateful train ride leaves her waylaid in Sacramento and caught up in a not so serendipitous trip back through time.

From bartender to baby dragon egg protector, Avery Tanglewood's life has taken quite a turn since her sister mated with a Paragon dragon-shifter. When she's asked to enter a sealed world to seek out Xavier, another dragon and bring him back to fight along with his siblings, she agrees. Avery needs to find her path in life, the sister who has lived for others, the one who possesses no magic.

When Teagan Blackwater feels a  vacuum-like pull on her powers as she relaxes with her boyfriend on his boat, she knows only someone extremely powerful, like her grandma, Nola the Swamp Witch, would be able to do it, and that it would only happen if something was incredibly wrong.

Henry Bautista, two-hundred-year-old vampire and one of the Founders of The Hill, is giddy as a school boy because the circus is coming to town. Henry has harbored a deep love of the circus, the tiger act in particular, since he was a human. He even became a silent owner to help keep Circus Garza alive.

Stella and Lucas meet in a popular Wickwood pub and are immediately drawn to one another. Receiving a panicked call from her best friend Aubrey, Stella believes a strange ring from Aubrey’s antique shop is a portal to another dimension allowing mischievous entities to escape.