Reviews - Paranormal

Single mom Lisa Sommers was on a journey of self-discovery when the werewolf bit her. A year later and she’s still on that journey...only now she has to understand what being a werewolf actually means. For the most part, she’s decided to ignore that part of her life. When a dark threat begins stalking her daughter, Lisa is now singing a different tune.

One day Matilda Ashby is heiress to her billionaire father’s accounting company and wondering what her future holds. Then she is suddenly thrust into a bizarre world of the unbelievable. She visits a den of werewolves, sees fae monsters die, encounters a demon, and learns someone—human or otherwise—took out a hit for her death.

Kane MacKinnon is the Alpha-heir of the Dirigo Wolf Pack willing to give all for his people. Loner Sheridan Wells, a wolf-witch hybrid, is a bounty hunter that never fails to catch her target. After Kane’s sister and Sheridan’s friend, Kayleigh is mysteriously kidnapped; the two hesitantly join forces to locate and rescue her before her disappearance brings about war.

Contract document manager Julia lives a nomadic lifestyle allowing her to hide a powerful secret that leaves her literally untouchable! Local "whiz kid" Nathaniel has always lived in El Luger, CA, where he works with some nerdy geniuses on a world-changing project. If successful, the project becomes a crucial component in his custody fight for his younger brother.

Anticipating going to college, Drew’s life turns upside down when he becomes guardian to twin sisters he didn’t know he had! Sadly his emotionally distant mother kicks them out of her house and his girlfriend dumps him! Happily, his best friend’s family provides them shelter and he gets a new job.