Reviews - Paranormal

HISTORICAL MYSTERY: Daphne de Duras leads an exciting double life: a Duchess by day, an accomplished assassin by night. When she’s charged with tracking down and executing a disgraced noble who is charged with murdering the King’s mistress, Daphne takes the task to heart.

Cassie Moore is happy with her life as a witch and shop assistant in the bookstore below her apartment. Unfortunately, when her friend has visions of a wrecking ball destroying her home and life, Cassie is spurned into action. Intending to save her apartment and her job, she casts a spell.

Mira thought she escaped her controlling father and his obsession with an ancient prophecy when she left home in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, when the past catches up to her, it’s her daughter Lilly who must pay the price.

Blood Mark

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Wrapped from head to toe by unusual and unique red patterns, Jane lives her life trying to keep her markings hidden and her secrets safe. Abandoned at birth, Jane’s life has been one tragedy after another from a car accident, a deadly house fire, and the debilitating narcolepsy that results in dream visions from the past where she witnesses horrific events.

MYSTERY: Aubree Woodbury is back in her Tennessee hometown, working as Acting Chief of Police. She'd been undercover for the FBI when her parents died in a car crash. She hasn’t forgotten the man she left behind, but he never knew the real Bree. For Tavis Lennox, Bree is the woman who got away.