Reviews - Paranormal

Maid Marian would rather be known as the greatest swordswoman or the best rider in all the land than the fairest. Her family has managed to keep their heritage a secret for decades, and avoiding the villainous Prince John is the only way to do that. She never thought hiding in a monastery would bring trouble her way, but enemies lurk everywhere.

Willa Scarlett is charged with a secret mission by her mistress – travel with a trunk full of treasure (some of which are magic) through Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood and the Merry Men are supposed to steal it in order to keep it from the evil hands of the villainous Prince John.

Bruce Clynes is a hotshot developer who is working on a new project and wants to tear down trees in the glade he owns near Lake Michigan. Anneliese is a tree spirit, who takes over a human body to stop Bruce from destroying her oak tree – and the other trees. She’s lived in the oak tree for over 300 years.

After defeating four Horsemen and delaying Samael’s escape from a fiery prison in New York City, the Damned are still walking the street with the virus – but continue to evolve. Believing the angelic angels and Mikha’el have deserted them, Jax and Kate are leading a group of survivors to Albany in search of The Sanctuary, which promises protection and a new future.

Emma Lattrell, called home from New York to care for her sick momma during a deadly pandemic, is unprepared for whom and what is awaiting her arrival at Ruby's Ranch. Grown-up and sexy as all get out, Matthew Kincaid waits at the airport to see her home, and catch her up on the family's tragic news.