Reviews - Paranormal

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE:  Angela Moore is a woman that is always on the lookout for an adventure. With her job as an outdoor magazine journalist, she has had her share of adventures, but even she couldn’t have anticipated that her jumping out of a plane would result with her landing not only somewhere unexpected, but somehow years before she was born.

MYSTERY/HISTORICAL:  Angela Renatus is an art historian, not only that but she has a psychic gift that is about to lead her down a dangerous path with consequences not only for the now but also for the past to which her family is connected. Angela’s fiancé Alex Caine is a former Navy Seal and is not afraid of a fight, especially if that fight will protect his family.

Warning: Has aspects of physical and sexual abuse as well as talking about self-harm.

When Tris is being hunted by his own family, he is rescued by Zestine. He is the son of a deity who has wings, while also having telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Zestine has the ability to change into any feline animal she wants. When Tris' people are changing their allegiances, he and Zestine are tasked to find out why.

MYSTERY:  When Noah Miller learns he has inherited not only a fortune from a great uncle he knew nothing about but an historical house in the town of Willow-By-The-Sea, he’s shocked to say the least. He’s even more surprised when he learns of his family’s less than savory past from Maggie Shephard, the local librarian and authority on New England history.