Tempting the Outlaw


Willa Scarlett is charged with a secret mission by her mistress – travel with a trunk full of treasure (some of which are magic) through Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood and the Merry Men are supposed to steal it in order to keep it from the evil hands of the villainous Prince John. Well… they do get stopped by the merry band of miscreants, but the big lout who seems to be in charge lets them through – without stealing the treasure! Drat the man. John Little, bear shifter, is little only in name. His temper and stubbornness are unmatched by any – until he meets Willa. His inherent distrust of humans has his brain telling him he needs to get far away from the infuriating little spitfire, but his heart – and his bear – are telling him something totally different.

Yet another installment from the wonderfully talented Anna Lowe! Readers who love a little history twisted in a fun way will absolutely adore this series (this is book 2 in the Sherwood Forest Shifters series). Willa is a spunky, hard-headed heroine who is determined to do what her mistress tasked of her, no matter the cost. John is a bear of a man – literally – with a soft heart hiding behind the stubbornness, and the pair will have smiles on reader’s faces as they constantly challenge each other throughout. The supporting characters add extra fun and will have readers wanting to know more about them. Some of the scenes will have one on tenterhooks, wondering if the good guys will prevail, and entire play on the Robin Hood legends is skillfully done. Anyone looking for a fun, engaging paranormal tale with hints of history woven throughout, look no further. Absolutely enchanting!

Piper Valentine