Hotshot Mogul: A Hero Club Novel


Bruce Clynes is a hotshot developer who is working on a new project and wants to tear down trees in the glade he owns near Lake Michigan. Anneliese is a tree spirit, who takes over a human body to stop Bruce from destroying her oak tree – and the other trees. She’s lived in the oak tree for over 300 years. She has five days to stop Bruce from destroying the trees, or she will remain in the human body forever. When Anneliese meets Bruce, she realizes that he is her true love that she lost 400 years ago in the glade when it was New France. Is there a happy ending for them this time around?

“Hotshot Mogul: A Hero Club Novel” is a paranormal romance that makes the reader believe in true love and the power of soulmates. Tara Eldana has created a unique and creative storyline that one may not have seen before. The characters are well developed and very likable, especially Anneliese. One can feel her pain and sorrow in the story as she relives losing Bruce over 400 years ago – along with his child. The chemistry and passion between Bruce and Anneliese were extraordinarily strong and steam up the pages. Although the reader will enjoy the love story, the pace is incredibly slow, almost dragging at times. One will enjoy the secondary characters as well, and the folklore of Native Americans is fascinating. “Hotshot Mogul” is a beautiful love story that will leave the reader wanting more, and will surely bring a smile to one’s face.

Victoria Zumbrum