Reviews - Paranormal

Seeking a witch for a money spell is proof that impulsive Helen has reached rock bottom. She’s disappointed when said witch informs Helen she’s a witch herself, gives her some crystals, a grimoire of spells, and sends her away to solve her own problems. Brian, aging rock star of Helen's favorite band, wants to move into the executive branch of the music industry.

Effie of Glen Coe is known as the Green Lady to all creatures and has the ability to use the magic of Fey Craft. Effie must stop the Barrow Witch, an evil being who takes over anyone’s soul.

MYSTERY:  Gwen Taylor’s life revolves around the Salem Wildlife Sanctuary she owns and runs. Having recently learned that some of her abilities to help the animals are amplified by her natural magic, yet living in Salem still holds difficulties for those with magical leanings. And magical talent isn’t always enough to save the creatures that cross her path.

Andelyn (Andie) Godfrey has always known she would follow in her father’s footsteps. Archeology has been her life for as long as she can remember. She plans to finish school, make her relationship with her father’s assistant, Silas, official, and help solve an ancient Egyptian riddle. Her father and Silas leaving for work wasn’t unusual, but this goodbye felt different.

HISTORICAL:  Caught between two lands, Magnar McAlpin is the leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland and loyal to the King of Scotland. But, to many, he is just a heathen Northman. Elspeth Gunn is the sister of the slain chieftain of Castle Steinn. On the run with her nine-year old nephew, she stumbles into the hands of the king’s men.