Reviews - Paranormal

Eternal Soul Mates

Joanna travels to Greece to the Ionian Sea to search for her mother’s family. Both of her parents have died and Joanna craves a family connection. She has been fascinated by her mother’s birthplace and questions why she left a place she obviously loved so much. Joanna is also plagued by dreams of a hot mystery lover she has dreamed of most of her life.

Charlotte Redbird is a life coach, and she is good at her job. When she is driven out of Chicago by a spiteful ex-client, she decides to go be with her family in Florida for a change of scenery, and hopefully, some new clients. Dylan Graham, the local real estate agent, hooks her up with a new place right next to the cemetery.

Evangeline is running away. From her family, her home, her life. She finds refuge by staying at the Silver Spear Ranch, a beautiful horse and nature ranch in South Dakota. While drowning her sorrows in a bottle of bourbon, she sees a beautiful silver stallion running wild through the canyon, and is drawn to it beyond reason.

Sylvie Orion has the reputation for being the worst witch, literally! Luckily, in her line of work as a supernatural bounty hunter, being smart is more important than magical prowess, at least most of the time.

Cassandra Williams is finally feeling that her life is being sorted out. Being a dream weaver did not exactly come with instructions but with her move back to Southern California, and her new job as an elementary school teacher, it seems that things might be balancing out.