2016 RONE Awards

Congratulations to:

2016 RONE Winners and Runner Ups



WINNER: Shadows - Stella Barcelona 

1st Runner Up: The Comfort of Black - Carter Wilson

2nd Runner Up: Fear Land - Rolynn Anderson


Time Travel

WINNER: Rise of a Legend - Amy Jarecki


Historical Medieval/Pre-Medieval

WINNER: The Highlander’s Outlaw Bride - Cathy MacRae

1st Runner Up: Seduced by the Laird - Eliza Knight

2nd Runner Up (Tie): Caelen’s Wife - Suzan Tisdale

2nd Runner Up (Tie): Knight in Highland Armor - Amy Jarecki



WINNER: Lorelei’s Lyric - D.B. Sieders

1st Runner Up: Ghost of the Nile - Veronica Scott 

2nd Runner Up: Fighting for Her Dragon - Julia Mills



WINNER: A Timeless Romance Anthology: All Hallow’s Eve -

Annette Lyon, Lisa Mangum, Elana Johnson, Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. Eden, Jordan McCollum


New Adult

WINNER: Dreamthief - Tamara Grantham

Runner Up: Flowers and Fangs - Karen Michelle Nutt


Contemporary: Steamy

WINNER: His Perfect Imperfection - Natasza Waters

1st Runner Up: Company Ink - Samantha Anne 

2nd Runner Up: Homewrecker Incorporated - S. Simone Chavous



WINNER: Stealing the Wolf Prince - Elle Clouse

Runner Up: The Space Captain’s Courtesan - KC Klein


American Historical

WINNER: In His Touch - Peggy L Henderson

1st Runner Up (Tie): Desert Sunrise - Sawyer Belle

1st Runner Up (Tie): Duet for Three Hands - Tess Thompson

2nd Runner Up: How to Fell a Timberman - Sharla Rae


Historical Post Medieval

WINNER: Dangerous Secrets - Caroline Warfield

1st Runner Up: The Other Side of the Stars - Katherine King 

2nd Runner Up: The King’s Courtesan - Suzan Tisdale



WINNER: Passing through Perfect - Bette Lee Crosby 

Runner Up: Christmas Star Sapphire - Hallee Bridgeman


Young Adult: Paranormal

WINNER: The Sirens of Falkeld - Julie Tuovi 

Runner Up: Pretty Little Werewolf - Katie Salidas


Chick-Lit/Women’s Fiction

WINNER: Pieces of Us - Lisa K. Miller

Runner Up: Planning for Love - Ellen Butler


Young Adult: General

WINNER: Shadow of the Hawk - K.S. Jones 

Runner Up: The Wiregrass - Pam Webber 


Contemporary: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys

WINNER: Undercover Heat - Tami Lund

1st Runner Up: Cowboy Payback - Donna Michaels

2nd Runner Up: Locke and Load - Donna Michaels



WINNER: Savior - Danielle James

1st Runner Up: Saving Moirra’s Heart - Suzan Tisdale 

2nd Runner Up: World of de Wolfe Pack: Breton Wolfe - Victoria Vane


Contemporary: Sweet

WINNER: Vocal Crush - Lisa Swinton

1st Runner Up: Taking a Chance of Love - Rachel Jones 

2nd Runner Up: Hooked - Ev Bishop



WINNER: Chasing Justice - H. Terrell Griffin

Runner Up: Double Duplicity - Paty Jager