Reviews - Novella

Holiday Queen

CONTEMPORARY: Camille has worked her rear end off to become successful in her chosen career, and she thought her long-term boyfriend was with her all the way – until she walks in on him cheating on her with his secretary. Fuming more than hurt, Camille gets a picture text from a stunningly good looking stranger… a wrong number text was never so hot – or perfectly timed.

CONTEMPORARY: Alicia Maxwell is dedicated, putting all of her focus and energy into making her bakery, Bitty Cakes, a rousing success – without any help or interference from her police officer father and brothers. Alicia is so determined to succeed that she has erected walls around herself to prevent anyone from getting in her way.

PARANORMAL: Sydney is looking for a fresh start for her and her daughter and moving to Zen, Ohio, is it! In Zen she can continue building her soap business with her sister, while also working in her field at a local publishing house. What she isn’t expecting is that Zen isn’t your typical small town, in fact, some folks might say the town is downright magical.

HISTORICAL: In her short life, Primrose McKessick, the soon-to-be twenty-one-year-old has trusted her instincts. Her mother came from English society and raised Primrose as a self-assured, educated individual, trying to break her habit of relating people to dog breeds. Primrose boldly travels from Scotland to be a companion to her Aunt Rhodesia during a cruise to Italy.

FANTASY: Arachne is tangled up in a degenerating curse and web of her own secrets. Eons ago, Arachne traded places with her twin and voluntarily took on the other woman’s curse so that her sister could be happy. But the time she spends each night in a monster’s body has been gradually increasing. Soon Arachne may no longer be human! Maybe it’s her own fault.