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RONE Award Finalists!

PARANORMAL:  SHORT (6 Finalists)   
Fire Maidens:  Paris - Anna Lowe
Essential Magic -    T. M. Cromer
Reign of Fire - Casi McLean
Love & Omens - Carrie Pulkinen
Matching Bloodlines  - Deborah Garland
Charm Me Again - Tena Stetler   ***tie***
Blood King  - Amber K. Bryant  ***tie***

I’m one of the reviewers at InD'tale Magazine. I’d like to talk to you about the general worth of professional book reviews, our Crowned Heart of Excellence, and what it means.  Say you recently released a book, or have an upcoming release, and you’re wondering if you (or your publisher) should submit the book to be reviewed. In a word—yes, by all means, yes!

As an independent author, I’m always trying to promote the first two books in my crime-thriller series to potential buyers. I frequently hear the question: “Is it available as an audiobook?” For a long time, I had to sigh and say, “Not yet.” I wished it could happen someday. All the marketing gurus say there is a lot of money to be made in the audiobook market.