Reviews - Fantasy / Urban Fantasy

HISTORICAL: Wanting to wield his ability to fly using wings inherited from his Fae father is a secret desire Liam MacCleod cannot deny. He just has to sneak into the Fae Realm, avoid getting his halfling arse kicked, and being stabbed and left for dead.

Ilya Valerious stands watching her entire life crumble around her. Born and trained to rule her city-state, she now must watch it being sacked and conquered by the cruel emperor and his magical captains. Everyone is being killed, those she loves devastated, and herself taken captive to be held at the palace – and Lucien, the man responsible, is now her captor.

Elira, a young sky warrior on the Cloud of Empyrea is grieving the death of her second in command, Aderyn. She’s now on a mission to avenge Aderyn’s death by killing The Shark, a leading sea warrior in a war with the sky. When Elira is chosen by the Goddess Neera to end the Great War, everyone’s eyes are on her to succeed.

YOUNG ADULT: Zakalor is better known as Zak. A regular teen who struggles to pay attention at school, he is destined to be a smithy like his father. Every year Zak is tested, and every year, he remains someone with no magical talents and mediocre fighting skills… Until one testing day a different scout comes for the testing.

Scarlett wears shadows like a comfortable coat, and has hidden from society since both her parents were murdered by the Royal Police for being talented. Scarlett portrays her friend, Georgette Ward, jewel of the social season at a ball to flush out the assassin making threats to her life.