Reviews - Fantasy / Urban Fantasy

The destined warrior and clan chief of Dál Gaedhle, Arlan, decides he wants an alternative option to being a leader – only it seems Arlan got more than he asked for. Two completely opposite worlds collide when Arlan jumps into a literal new time and discovers Rhiannon, a librarian who feels completely out of place in the normal world.

Aster is a stillborn infant from the king and queen of Verdane. She has been brought to life by a necromancer, Barus, who raises her as his own and teaches her the ways of a healer. Her life is the way it should be, however, once Aster gets older, she finds out everything she comes to know about her life is a lie.

Mealaney Callaghan is a hybrid of vampire and blood fae, and things are seemingly good in her life. She has her boyfriend and black wolf, Teddy, a detective agency with her two sisters, and all the bad guys are in prison (if not dead). Oh, and cool accommodations in the heart of Las Vegas, courtesy of her grandfather, a powerful druid. But her strength is depleting.

SUSPENSE: Diana Van Doren and Sasha Sokolov are headed to Russia with their demon pal, running from a hoard of creatures. They’re stopped when a call for help comes from Diana’s former murder of crow shifters. However, what Diana wants most of all is the one thing she cannot have–to be a member of that murder. A murder in this case is a flock of crows.

Zann has only one power—shapeshifting into a wolf. Without the aid of more powerful magic, Zann finds himself serving as hunter for Castle Mura. When the king in his ever-greedy search for new game sends Zann to hunt in the forests of Glint, it sets in motion events neither could have foreseen. Queen Lira Pentstone is hunting in the forest and shoots Zann in his wolf form.