Highland Skies - Highland Treasures, Book 3


HISTORICAL: Wanting to wield his ability to fly using wings inherited from his Fae father is a secret desire Liam MacCleod cannot deny. He just has to sneak into the Fae Realm, avoid getting his halfling arse kicked, and being stabbed and left for dead. Never to wield powers stripped from her family by the Fae King, Sienna longs to have her magic along with the herbal healing knowledge taught to her by her grandmother. While gathering medicinal herbs, Sienna rescues a wounded Liam she believes to be an exiled Fae Warrior. The two are inexplicably drawn to one another while knowing their relationship is impossible. Learning of an evil mage's diabolical plan for her hand in marriage, they devise a plan to save her family and to get Liam safely home. Will the plan be successful? Will they overcome the obstacles keeping them apart?


"Highland Skies" is a Fae-filled fantasy star-crossed lovers romance with hottie Highlanders, magic wielding Warriors, and beautiful damsels in distress. Readers will be enchanted by a love story between two characters unable to resist their mutual attraction to one another. The very interesting secondary characters play an integral part in the predictable trope of ‘will the two lovebirds be able to surmount the obstacles to their happy-ever-after tale’. The colorful descriptions of the Fae Realm will pull readers into the fantasy world of magical beings in search of love and power. The power-hungry villain provides the perfect perilous plan requiring a rescue and hopeful vanquishment. This installment of the Highland Treasures fairytale sagas is a satisfying continuation of the MacCleod clan, and the epic romantic adventures they embark upon.

Tonya Mathenia