Reviews - Fantasy / Urban Fantasy

HISTORICAL: Issylte must escape to prevent the Black Widow Queen from finding her. She leaves Avalon with two Knights who have been accused of treason. They’re determined to prove their innocence and defeat their enemies. Things don’t quite go as planned when they arrive in Bretagne and Issylte finds friends in shapeshifters after she heals a wolf who has been injured.

Princess Sanja Lazar is on the run after she’s forced into marriage with a tyrant and almost killed for her throne. However, the human princess is in for a rude awakening when she finds herself stumbling into the fairylands. To survive, Sanja ends up finding two powerful Mages, who willingly take her in for an extra hand around their house.

A fallen angel, Ronan, is sent to Earth to live amongst the humans as a bounty hunter for punishment because he broke angelic laws. He is forced to live in a human body without his angelic powers while trying to live a righteous life, so in the end, he could be judged to see if he is worthy to gain his angelic form back.
With an impending apocalypse foreshadowed by a prophecy, Jessica Moore has to do everything in her power to form an alliance with all the paranormal beings before it's too late. Unfortunately, each faction loses trust in each other when a member is found murdered.
Jacob Darien understands that he needs to pay the price for all of the mistakes he’s made in the past, and that’s why he is at peace about being in jail. A new avatar of chaos has been chosen, however, and this avatar is a familiar face in Jacob’s life. They’re determined to lurevJacob and his inner demon—literally—out to play.