Where Oceans Burn (The Where Oceans Burn Duology)

Casey L.

Elira, a young sky warrior on the Cloud of Empyrea is grieving the death of her second in command, Aderyn. She’s now on a mission to avenge Aderyn’s death by killing The Shark, a leading sea warrior in a war with the sky. When Elira is chosen by the Goddess Neera to end the Great War, everyone’s eyes are on her to succeed. However, Elira finds herself at the mercy of The Shark, whose true name is Crest, and she quickly realizes the war might not be as black-and-white as their worlds think they are. Could Crest and Elira cultivate an alliance between their worlds?

Grab your adventure shoes, because Casey L. Bond will have readers running through this story, flying along with Elira during her epic mission, wrapped up in the magical and intensely divided world of the sea and the sky. The world-building in this novel is breathtakingly well-done. Readers can almost feel the mist of the sky and dance through the waves of the water just from the author’s descriptions and story-telling skill. Unfortunately, the pace of the plot is very slow, and the action doesn’t start getting intense until halfway through. Luckily, the author does a better job of surprising readers throughout the story, keeping them consistently on their toes and surprising them with an unexpected enemies-to-lovers plotline. The characters are well-developed and have such a beautiful depth to them. Be ready to fall in deep with this world because once readers pick this one up they won’t want to put it down.

Austen Grace