Zakalor (Nacusti Chronicles volume 1)


YOUNG ADULT: Zakalor is better known as Zak. A regular teen who struggles to pay attention at school, he is destined to be a smithy like his father. Every year Zak is tested, and every year, he remains someone with no magical talents and mediocre fighting skills… Until one testing day a different scout comes for the testing. All at once, Zak finds what he knew of his past isn’t accurate, and he has had suppressed magical abilities all along. His newfound magic and discovered ancient bloodline hurtles him into a world where he is now being sought by the Consortium and the League. The Consortium needs him to complete their evil experiments, and he is the League’s only hope of defeating the Consortium for good. When Kal, his best friend, is kidnapped in his place, Zak’s focus is on saving his friend. In order to save his friend, Zak must train and learn to control the magic flowing through his veins before he is overtaken by the Consortium or his own abilities.

Zak and Kal have a fun, easy, banter-filled friendship with years of loyalty built in. Once Zak leaves to train with the League and save his friend, he is surrounded by new people who have no prior relationship with him. Zak and Sorwin, his mentor, build a trust and friendship through their struggles. Zak has terrific character growth as he learns to build his skills and trust in himself. Kal was always the friend with all the skill, and Zak must learn to rely on his own abilities to save his friend. This quick and fun adventure is intense from the start. Zak is easily relatable and likeable. As J.R. Douglas builds this fantasy world, the twists and turns keep the pages turning, and the ending comes far too soon! Fantasy fans will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Cara Cieslak