Tempting the Maiden


Maid Marian would rather be known as the greatest swordswoman or the best rider in all the land than the fairest. Her family has managed to keep their heritage a secret for decades, and avoiding the villainous Prince John is the only way to do that. She never thought hiding in a monastery would bring trouble her way, but enemies lurk everywhere. As the third son of a lord, Tuck was expected to join the monastery and become a Friar, although he could think of no fate worse for him. Being cooped up praying is the last thing his lion wants… until he comes across Marian during one of his nightly escapades. Marian knows Tuck is a good man and meant for much more than being a simple Friar, but is there any way on earth the two of them could be together?

As the third and final installment of Anna Lowe’s Sherwood Forest Shifter series, all overarching story threads are tied up in a devilishly fun and satisfying bow (Read them in order!). Readers won’t be able to help falling in love with Tuck, the kindhearted man of mischief who would be wasted as a Friar, and Marian, the strong and feisty heroine is a perfect match for him. Watching their relationship develop is a treat, and learning of Marian’s secret heritage may just have some jaws dropping.  The appearance of all the Merry Men cast – and that of the elusive “Robin Hood” – bring action to the pages and have one reading faster and faster to make sure everyone gets the happy endings they deserve. Anyone looking for a fun paranormal trilogy with fabulous twists on the Robin Hood legends need look no further. This series hits all the spots!

Piper Valentine