Descension: A Dark Apocalyptic Romance (Hell’s Angel Book 2)


After defeating four Horsemen and delaying Samael’s escape from a fiery prison in New York City, the Damned are still walking the street with the virus – but continue to evolve. Believing the angelic angels and Mikha’el have deserted them, Jax and Kate are leading a group of survivors to Albany in search of The Sanctuary, which promises protection and a new future. Kate is pregnant with Jax’s child, a miracle since she was told she could never have children. Along the way, the survivors are ambushed by a new enemy which has Jax and Kate fighting to save humanity again.

“Descension: A Dark Apocalyptic Romance” is Book 2 in the Hell’s Angel series, and is a retelling of Lucifer’s downfall in a post-apocalyptic love story. Olivia Boothe has created a frightening and terrifying world with frightening monsters that will scare one to death. The horrors that humanity now faces will leave the reader with nightmares that will keep one up late into the night. The story is filled with a lot of action and twists and turns, leaving the reader wondering what will happen next. The scenes between Jax and Kate are extremely hot and steamy, and burn up the pages. The chemistry between Jax and Kate is very believable, and both characters are extraordinarily strong and dedicated to one another. “Descension can be read as a stand-alone, but one really should read the series in order to get a better understanding of what is happening. Chilling fun!

Victoria Zumbrum