Reviews - Paranormal

HISTORICAL: She awakens in painted form, an artistic creation. Slowly she gains consciousness and a name: Saffron. Emmett Charles, a wealthy scion of a Boston family, is haunted by the death of the woman he loved from five years ago; a woman he failed. He is stunned to find a painting of Saffron and cannot resist buying it.

After fleeing family drama, Grace Liller awakes on a train traveling across the U.K. The trip was on impulse, a secret, and no one save her best friend knows where she is. Stumbling into an available roommate situation, Grace meets Sam Thomas, and the sparks ignite. Sam is in a similar spot, having escaped his own family’s expectations for his future.

Mira is a Djinn who is determined to keep the rest of her kind free from enslavement. The more she dives into her work, the more she can forget her painful past. As she deep dives into her quest, she discovers that a magician is selling Djinn blood on the black market. For what purpose, she’s not sure.

Sarah Greenberg enjoys being a food critic and loves spending time with her boyfriend and his daughter. In her spare time, she assists her family with their magic shop. When Sarah meets her boyfriend’s daughter for the first time, an unexpected dormant trait is unearthed. She can do magic without even trying.

HISTORICAL: Widow Annabel Chalfont, otherwise known as Lady Fellbridge to highbrow society, is one of six Lady Patronesses of Almack’s. All have special supernatural abilities that help them to fight crime and solve mysteries around England.