Rebirth of Ruby's Ranch - Ruby's Ranch, Book 5


Emma Lattrell, called home from New York to care for her sick momma during a deadly pandemic, is unprepared for whom and what is awaiting her arrival at Ruby's Ranch. Grown-up and sexy as all get out, Matthew Kincaid waits at the airport to see her home, and catch her up on the family's tragic news. Emma's nursing skills are tested when she arrives at her sister's ranch, but she's truly unprepared for the mysterious family secrets that takes her on a supernatural journey full of discovery and betrayal. She's left wondering if her connection to a life-changing legacy will take her away from Matthew's love, or if his promise to never leave her will remain strong and unbroken.

"Rebirth of Ruby's Ranch" is a poignant love story with a country twang and a paranormal zing! Readers will fall head-over-hoof for the romance of Emma and Matthew as the two embark on a fantastical affair of the heart. The family of characters surrounding them are supportive and secretive as well. The story moves along between a slow, easy canter and a mind-numbing gallop that readers may find a little confusing if they have not read the four previous installments of the Ruby Ranch series. The paranormal activity is a blend of mythology, mysticism, and magic, with other worldly guides and supernatural ancestors. Old and new readers of this story will leave Ruby's Ranch with justice served to the villainous culprits and questions answered about a family's legacy. Rhonda Frankhouser manages to provide readers with a finale to the series with a tale of heroic women, hot cowboys, and hope for future spinoffs.

Tonya Mathenia