Reviews - Paranormal

Curse of the Dragon

FAIRYTALE:  Daine, the Master of his crumbling keep, has been alone for centuries, tortured every night by fire for his sins. Until Lilya is brought to him on the wings of a dragon. A gentle but outspoken Gypsy-born, she is a beauty with no comparison—and she is his. She may be his captive and the key to ending his curse, but time is running out.

HISTORICAL/VICTORIAN:  Finn Alexander sees a mysterious woman in his dreams; he doesn’t know why she’s in his visions tormenting him all the time. When he attends a ball, he sees Lady Victoria Hamilton. Victoria has a special ability—she can stop and erase ordinary people’s thoughts; but to someone like Finn who can read minds, she can block his talent.

Gillian Howe is not only a tarot card reader. She is a talented witch who takes her craft—and dedication to her charity, Hope Club—seriously. However, a speed-dating event turns her life upside down when she has a run-in with a brotherhood of bloodthirsty (of course) vampires.

MYSTERY:  Rowan Beckett is an amazing singer. She has a unique style and people love listening to her. The strange thing is that she sounds a lot like a singer who disappeared thirty years before. What makes things even more peculiar is the knowledge she has about the woman. Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared on October 31, 1988, and were never seen again.

Willow Reid, only child of Dracula, has chosen to live a secret life amongst humans. It is a precarious existence, for if she is discovered, it means death. No wonder that when Adam Degore, a Blood Hunter, comes to her village, she decides it is time to move on. However, Willow is too late, for not only has Adam discovered she is the hated vampire, he has made her his prisoner.