Reviews - Paranormal

Holly and Lachlan are shifters who met and fell in love when they were incredibly young. Lachlan was always pushed by his father to be more like him and to forget about love. Both turned away from their real feelings as they were not ready to mate, even though they are soulmates. Lachlan disappeared and it broke Holly’s heart, but she went on with her life.

Alice Worth, private mage investigator is back. This time, a debt to the Vampire Court requires her to go on a quest to retrieve a stolen item and the thief who took it. With her trusty sidekick ghost by her side, she sets off to unknown lands where she collects a motley crew of characters to guide her and fight by her side.

Lula Aglaope walks among humans, cursed by her inability to interact with them. As a siren, her voice lures, enthralls and kills those around her. Then she meets Alexiares, God of Warding off Wars, who sets her pulse pounding in desire. But sirens have long kept their world hidden, and it is ingrained in Lula to keep her sisters’ secrets.

The Chief of Tribal Police, Jacob Graywolf, serves on the reservation where indigenous women are being found murdered. FBI Special Agent, Zena Adalwolf is assigned to work with him on an interagency taskforce to investigate and solve the killings. Clues from the grave via Jacob’s mom who happens to be a psychic healer and midwife are becoming more and more disturbing.

Three years ago, Mila Vittore and Gabriel Karl fell for each other quick and hard. But as the Crown Prince of the powerful Karl Vampire Syndicate, dhamphir Gabriel couldn’t afford the additional weakness of having a human mate, so his parents leveraged Mila’s love to make her disappear from his life.