Reviews - Paranormal

Dexter Graham is a financial wizard and social isolationist, overwhelmed by his gift of telepathy the moment he interacts with more than a couple of people at a time. Pushed to visit his brother in Cat’s Paw Cove, the last thing he expects is to meet a woman who both silences his telepathy and makes him think of romance.

FANTASY:  As the bastard son of the Far Shore King, Farrow’s childhood was no walk in the park. Yearning for his father’s acceptance and respect, he takes on a deadly mission to kidnap a princess from a neighboring kingdom for torture and ransom.

After millennia as Guardian of the Fae Realm, dragon shifter Gelare feels lonely and restless.  Seeking a fresh start on Earth as a club owner named Ronald, he signs up on the "Eternal Mates" dating site to try his luck in finding a mate. Keeping her promise after her human friend finds a shifter match, Trina, an immortal nymph who lives off orgasmic energies, also signs up on the site.

Chase is a Seven Oaks Guardian in training who was possessed by a demon.

Since Vivien was young, she has always had a sense of knowing when something is wrong or is going to happen.  When she fails to listen to her senses one night, Vivien and her fiancé are attacked, and he is killed.  Vivien is left for dead with a lot of guilt and a big hole in her heart.  Grief-stricken and all alone, Vivien is unable to cope with her job and life.  Guided by a friend of her par