Reviews - Paranormal

Blood Rogue
Linda J.

To vampire Charles Tower, nothing could be sweeter than the taste of Stacy Morgan’s lips. Nothing could be crueler, then, when she is marked for death by Mikhail, the only father Charles has ever known. The man who reared him and taught him how to survive has gone rogue, and it is up to Charles to put him down. How can he convince himself, and Stacy, that love between them is impossible?

When Martha, a doctor working in a run-down clinic is stabbed as she leaves work one day, she wakes up in a castle, beyond confused to learn she is no longer on Earth, but in some strange land where the men are huge and change into lions or dragons.

Blood Moon

When Kat, a writer for a travel magazine, agrees to cover for her coworker on an assignment, she never imagined she’d signed up for a hiking trip in the wilderness of Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. She never imagined she’d fall in love with the wildness and majesty of the Wyoming mountains, let alone find sparks flying with her guide for the trip.

Cassie Black, owner of Mystic Keep’s Perfect Brew café, is having a difficult time. She is tasked with fighting off evil forces to protect Mystic Keep while simultaneously having to deal with territorial men. While dealing with the danger of The Lord of Darkness, Erebus, Cassie must also fend off the advances of her vampire ex-lover, Alessandro.



HISTORICAL FANTASY:  As Mira spends her 18th birthday working at her local Chicago diner, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. She has had a pounding headache all day, and has to deal with a creepy yellow-eyed customer. However, when Mira experiences a tragic loss, she has nowhere to turn but to a mysterious Gabriel. Soon Mira learns that the world she knows is not the only world.