Dark Wine at Dawn

Jenna Barwin

Henry Bautista and his fiancée, Cerissa, have traveled to the New York Collective in order to fulfill Henry’s bite requirements with his maker, Anne-Louise, but of course, when Henry and Anne-Louise are near each other, all hell breaks loose. On top of dealing with the maker-child drama, high-ranking officials within the Collective are being found by the human NYPD, completely drained of blood. Thankfully, Anne-Louise’s boyfriend, Rick, is on the case… until he disappears too! Tig gets called in by Leopold, the leader of the Collective to help with the case – and then they learn an old enemy has resurfaced. Can Cerissa help Tig solve the case without revealing her extra powers as a Lux? Can Henry find a way to finally be rid of his maker? What should have been a fun vacation in the Big Apple during the holidays turns into anything but!

Avid fans of the series will relish the chance to spend more time with Henry and Cerissa – and a few of the starring secondary characters – outside of the Hill. Having this story based in New York is a welcome change from the usual locale, and brings with it new details and adventures. The mystery in this tale will have readers flipping through the pages at a rapid pace to find out whodunit and how the good guys are going to stop anyone else from dying. The chemistry between Henry and Cerissa is, as usual, scorching the pages. The secondary storylines are entertaining and bring extra interest, and Anne-Louise will have readers’ blood boiling – like always! “Dark Wine at Dawn” highlights immortal shenanigans at their finest. What a ride!

Piper Valentine