Marked for Grace (The Marked Book 1)

K.C. Harper

Grace Crawford has a bit of a problem; she is an exhausted nurse struggling to keep up on with life and a mortgage and mourning the loss of her mother. There is also that slight problem with being able to see souls. Grace has a supportive best friend, a caring friend group and a great job, what she doesn’t have is answers to why she started seeing souls at eighteen years old after a traumatic accident. Grace She has only shared her secret with her best friend Noah, but when a doctor at the hospital realizes she can see them, he soon calls upon the leaders of a group called the Shepherds. They explain to her what she is to Grace and the rules of her new role in life, whether she wants them or not, her new powers are here to stay. Also, here to stay are Ben and Gideon, enemies on opposing sides of an ancient battle who both find themselves drawn to Grace. When her new powers open her up to a world she had no clue existed, her old life is being touched by a darkness that only Grace can see. 

Pick up this book, right now, you will be hooked. The reader is in for a well-developed and truly satisfying journey with this first entry into this new series. The sides in this story pull GraceEach side of this story pulls the character in very different ways and you can feel the pressure building between what she has been told and what she feels. Grace She is forced to rely on what her instincts tell her, even when the one she should be able to trust is the one who doesn’t believe what she feels and sees. You won’t be able to get enough of these characters and when the book ends, it’s a guarantee you will be searching for what comes next. 

Valerie Vicars