Cocktails & Cauldrons

T. M. Cromer

Reclusive artist Eoin O’Malley has made a name for himself in the art world and comes from a long line of powerful witches that have only recently had their magic returned to them. Wallflower Brenna Sullivan is the niece of one of Eoin’s patrons. The quiet, mousey girl has intrigued Eoin over the last four years, all while rebuffing her voracious Aunt Odessa. When Brenna loses her job and is cast out of her home by Odessa, Eoin employs her to be his manager, but Odessa’s jealousy knows no bounds, and Brenna is oblivious to the world of magic, let alone her own magical background and latent powers. An age-old family rivalry rears its ugly head just as Brenna unravels her powers as a Siren, which could be detrimental to Eoin and everyone in her path.

A sweet and endearing story of love and discovery, this is the fourth book in the Unlucky Charms series that follows the lives and loves of the O’Malley clan as they each find their soul mate and break the curse to discover their magical abilities. It is interesting, humorous, and sweet, with the feud between the O’Malleys and the O’Connors giving a focal point that will entice the reader to follow the series from beginning to end. Each character is distinct and rounded, and the author is able to articulate this well with humor and snappy dialogue. The romance is PG rated, and that too works well, allowing the focus to be on the magical elements and plot lines. The reader will willingly get sucked into this world of humor, magic, and love.

Rika Chandra