Healing Kiss

Amanda Uhl

SUSPENSE: Lillian Milano changes her appearance – and even her name to protect herself and her family from a company known as Kinetica. This company is trying to track her down in order to use her special healing abilities for their sick and twisted experiments. Lillian has been on the run for a while, but when her sister, Hannah, becomes gravely ill, Lillian must reintroduce herself into her family’s lives to save her sister. Lillian’s healing abilities are used by channeling energy from another person, and when she stumbles across Tristan King, a wealthy tech genius, she can’t help but notice the strong energy that is pouring from him. Enlisting his help may be the only way to save her sister, but at what cost?

Readers will absolutely love this story of Lillian and Tristan as they navigate getting to know each other and the roadblocks they face on their journey trying to save Hannah. “Healing Kiss” is a very well-paced paranormal book with great character development and spice. The story is atmospheric, and while there are not a lot of plot twists to be found within it, readers will have a hard time putting this one down. Ms. Uhl does an amazing job pulling the reader into the story and building a deep connection with each character. Readers will not be able to get enough of the relationship between Lillian and Tristan. With every page being so engaging, this book is one that can be read from cover to cover in one sitting!

Jennifer Shepherd