Horned Owl Hollow

Karla Brandenburg

HORROR: Elle Barclay thought that appraising a figurine collection would be a simple task. As a spiritual medium, it takes an interesting turn when a spirit tells her that she must protect the property for Martin. Even more strange circumstances arise when a man appears at the door claiming to be Martin Foster; even more curious is that he states he’s been lost in the Bermuda Triangle for the last one hundred years. The spirits of the house are determined to succeed in their mission, and this makes things difficult for Elle – even more so when Martin seems to be ill due to his journey, and his health is deteriorating quickly. Will Elle be able to achieve what the spirits want? Or is she doomed with the other residents of Horned Owl Hollow?

This is an interesting premise, and Karla Brandenburg has done well to tell a ghost story that mixes with a little fantasy and science fiction with the time travelling aspect. There are an array of interesting characters – both human and ghost – that bring this book together. There are some aspects where more description could have been used, but ultimately the lack doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the book. Those who are fans of ghost stories with a twist will really enjoy this, and “Horned Owl Hollow” is one to download to your e-reader this spring. It might be even better reading this in the dark with the fire going – or hiding under the blankets! Whatever the circumstances, it’s a fascinating read. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick