When Things Fall Apart (The Kit Hanover Series Book 1)


Kit Hanover is a Native American who always wanted to be a police officer. She has a very loving and supporting family who supported her in this endeavor. Kit is a new homicide detective, who is paired with a racist, crusty veteran partner on her first murder case. Her partner continues to antagonize and torment Kit. He lets his racist thoughts rule him to the point he does not see that Kit is a good detective, and continually tries to get her off the case. When her first murder case proves devastating, Kit is reassigned. Despite being warned by her boss, she continues to investigate on her own time. Kit puts her family and herself in danger and becomes the target of a madman who continually attempts to kill them.

“When Things Fall Apart” is book 1 in the Kit Hanover Series, and what a brilliant start it is! Alan Brenham, the author, has done an excellent job in describing the mind of a crazed killer, and how one thinks and behaves. The author has also described racism in the workplace extremely well, and how a new officer can be treated based on her being a woman and a Native American to closed-minded older officers. The reader will love Kit, a strong heroine who is continuously put down yet continues to pursue her murder case. Despite all obstacles, heartaches, and injuries, Kit never gives up and fights for what she wants. “When Things Fall Apart” is a fast-paced mystery thriller that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, and throws a lot of twists and turns that leave one guessing until the end as to who the murderer is!

Victoria Zumbrum