Cruel Lessons (Lessons in Peril, Book 1)


When a group of fifth graders experiment with a new drug on a camping trip, the result is tragic, and it devastates a small town. Ken Parks, Assistant Superintendent, is determined to figure out where the kids got the drugs, and prevent another tragedy happening to anyone else. When an arrest is made, Ken is convinced that they have not caught the right person. He makes it his mission to figure out who is pushing these drugs, and when he receives a threat to stop his investigation or the people he loves will be hurt, Ken must decide whether to continue fighting and risk those he loves, or give up with the chance that even more innocent people could die.

The topic of child death may be a tough one for some readers, so reader discretion is advised. Ken is an interesting character who is determined to find the person responsible for the deaths of the kids on the camping trip. “Cruel Lessons” is a good start to the Lessons In Peril series and it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. It is definitely one to keep an eye on. Well written and with engaging characters, it has a lot to offer. There is a race against time aspect which adds to the tension, and makes this a page-turner worthy of the title. Fans of both mystery and suspense will enjoy this book. It won’t disappoint, and will keep a tight grip until the very last page.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick