A Flock of Vampires

Everlyn C. Thompson

Stood up by an online date, lonely witch Keltti heads home and walks into the crossfire of a battle between vampire warriors and rebels. During night patrol, hunting vicious soul eaters of the local rebel vampire army, Stu, a Vampire King's Warrior, finds himself guarding a petite witch who had the misfortune to get caught in the crossfire. When the battle ends, Keltti feels compelled to use her magic to heal one of the wounded warriors. Her skills bring about an offer from the leader of the King's Guard to become their official healer. Accepting the job puts her in close contact with the brooding Stu, who finds himself irresistibly drawn to the little witch. Will they accept their magical bond before the forces of evil win the night?

A slow-burning love story guaranteed to cast a page turning spell on its readers, "A Flock of Vampires" is an action-filled urban fantasy of good versus evil. Romantic tension gathers to a semi-satisfying state, leaving readers wanting more. The battles are thrilling confrontations promising to hold the reader's attention. Readers will fall under the spell of this paranormal world where the cast, major, secondary, and bit, are intriguing, well-defined individuals. The alluring world they inhabit is as vividly dark as it is vibrantly real, however, readers are sadly denied the reasons for the main hero's keenly felt sense of unworthiness. The happy ever after promises to be an ongoing tale readers will anticipate with glee. Hopefully Ms. Thompson won't disappoint her well-deserved fans, and continue to provide more gripping stories from this world of Vampire Warriors battling evil and hoping for the bonds of love to come their way.

Tonya Mathenia