Wicked Grace (Wicked Book 3)

Luna Joya

Demon Prince, Alexei Maronov, is kept busy as the general of his father’s criminal empire in the shadows of Los Angeles. He’d almost given up hope of finding his fated mate until he rescues an unknown paranormal from the clutches of The Order, a human organization that targets all species of non-humans for torture, experimentation, and extermination. When the lovely young Joelle rushes forth to heal her injured captors, Alexei realizes two things: that he has found his soulmate, and that this angel is too good for him. Believing that only demons could sense their mates, Alexei thinks he is protecting Joelle by not drawing her into his dark and dangerous world but he is wrong, and he is only hurting her by denying the bond that she feels as well!

“Wicked Grace” is full of frenetic energy and romantic angst. It launches directly into Joelle’s rescue from The Order, but with the promise of retribution from the organization’s cruel leader, Noxx, the sense of dread is ever present. At the same time, the witch world is in political turmoil and although Alexei and Joelle’s story is insulated from much of the bigger picture, the frequent mentions of concurrent storylines can result in some sensory overload. It is also easy to become angry with Alexei’s fixed belief in his unworthiness of his “Angel” and his lack of insight into the pain he inflicts on his rejected fated mate. On her part, Joelle is a conflicted blend of tortured survivor, intellectual genius, and gullible innocent. With perseverance, fans of Luna Joya’s wicked and entangled paranormal world will be rewarded with a just and “orderly” conclusion!

Joan Lai