My Song’s Gift (Duet of the Gods Book 2)

Poppy Minnix

Alex is a god and has fallen in love with Lula, a siren, but now Zeus wants Lula to rule Olympus so that she can become as evil as he is. However, Zeus isn’t the only one who is trying to tear Alex and Lula apart. When Alex confesses his secret to Lula about when they first met, Lula grows angry and runs away from him. As Lula runs, she runs right into the arms of the enemy: Moros. So not only do Alex and Lula have to deal with the chaos from Zeus, now they must deal with the evilness from Moros. What will Lula choose? Will she choose chaos, or will she choose to stay with Alex whom she loves? 

“My Song’s Gift” is an adventure of the new age. With a mixture of paranormal and fantasy, Poppy Minnix takes another turn on theology. Zeus is a bad god instead of a good god as he is explained in other folklore adventures. The book is told by two points of views which shows the readers the attraction between the main characters. The author uses the connection with theology and fantasy to keep her readers on the edge of their seats with continuous action throughout the book as the characters’ chemistry emanates from the pages. Readers looking for a book that contains theology with spicy romance, this novel will not leave them disappointed. 

Stephanie Bell