Fallen Angel (Coven Daughters Book 4)

Kat Turner

Cynthia Fields is a witch trying to figure out the Coven Daughters’ prophecy. She comes from a troubled past where no one stays around for her. Cynthia needs to connect with her five  coven sisters and unlock the secrets of Fire and Chaos. In her quest for answers, she goes on a cross-country hitchhiking trip where she meets a truck driver who has the ability to jump into different bodies. She also meets Raven, who she has a one-night stand with. It turns out he is a shifter with an agenda of his own: revenge. Raven knows a lot about the prophecy and can be very valuable to Cynthia, so they form an alliance.

“Fallen Angel” is a enthralling paranormal romance filled with witches and spells. Kat Turner, has created an interesting and fascinating storyline which is somewhat hard to follow if one has not read the books in order. Characters are complex and strong, some appealing, and some that definitely aren’t. The reader may not be a fan of Cynthia in the beginning as she seems to always be on a downward spiral and doesn’t trust anyone. On the other hand, Raven who is such a laid back and caring man who tries to win Cynthia over, and readers can’t help but like him. It is recommended that readers should read the series in order, so as to have a better understanding and enjoyment of the world building, events, and characters. Nevertheless, this fast paced tale will be entertaining for all who love action-packed romance!

Victoria Zumbrum