Reviews - Contemporary

Chaos at Coconuts

Set in Crystal City, Missouri, “Chaos at Coconuts” revolves around an ensemble cast of three best friends since high school: Alex, the Banker; Suzy, the Wedding Planner; and Hope, the school counselor while introducing a new member to their group of friends, Cheri Van Buren.

Harper Lindquist has a dream.  She desperately wants to renovate the inn that has been in her family for generations.  All she needs is money — lots of money.  When the representative from Hainstock Financial arrives at Solace Lake in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard, to discuss investing, Harper hopes her dreams will soon come true.  But Ethan James is not what he seems, and, suspicious of H

Delilah’s Desserts
Melanie Jacobson, Heather B. Moore,
Julie Wright

Delilah, Dexy, and KC are just three women trying to live their lives when love comes their way. Delilah accidently runs into an old flame, KC finds love in an unexpected place, while Dexy learns that it is okay to let love in. Love is not the only thing in the air, however — something strange and possibly magical is at play.

Lorelei is a dedicated employee with a private family law firm. She has been working tirelessly and has much success with her cases. Surely, her boss, Henry Hale will notice and put her name in the hat for partner? With the holidays coming all Henry wants to do is work through them, but he is hosting the festivities this year and can’t let his family down.

The Ice Cream Man (Chronicles #2)
Rick Johnson,
Natalie Adler

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ted enjoys having his own business — working for himself, driving an ice cream truck — but he must admit his personal life is lacking.