2018 RONE Awards



The Rogue's Bride - Lynn Winchester

Forsworn Fate - Mia Pride

Promised to a Dragon - Darlene Kuncytes

Sophia's Leap-Year Courtship - Kristin Holt



Bobbins and Boots - Shanna Hatfield

Chasing Someday - Lindzee Armstrong

Carve Me a Melody - Rachelle J. Christensen


Historical: Ancient - 16th Century

Warwolfe - Kathryn Le Veque

Summer's Reign - Elizabeth Rose

His Highland Bride - Willa Blair

The Bowie Bride - Suzan Tisdale

The Warrior's Wager - Mia Pride


Historical: Victorian - 20th Century 

The Devil's Gift - Laura Landon

Love Remains - Sarah M. Eden

His Innocent Bride - Merry Farmer

West of Forgotten - Lynda J. Cox

Wilhelmina: A Winter Bride - Hildie McQueen



Hunt for Evil - Amy Jarecki

Escape - Belle Ami

Tank - Erin Bevan

The Eyewitness - Nancy C. Weeks

Close to the Skin - Zara West

Bad Lies - Rolynn Anderson


Paranormal: Short

Lure of the Dragon - Anna Lowe

Garden of Destiny - Meara Platt

Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series - Sharon Buchbinder



Highlander Unbroken - Vonda Sinclair/Dave Gillies

Dante's Gift - Aubrey Wynne/Tom Jordan

The Enigma Factor - Breakfield & Burkey/Steven Jay Cohen

Live For This - Kathryn R. Biel/Lori Prince


Time Travel/Sci-Fi

The Accidental Stranger - CJ Fosdick

The Mercenary - Petra Landon

The Medievalist - Anne-Marie Lacy


Young Adult

Oath Breaker - Shelley Wilson

Prophecy Awakened - Tamar Sloan

The Dragon Orb - Mike Shelton

Cursed: Shadow Souls - Tracy Goodwin


New Adult

Running Hot - J. L. Sheppard

Strawberry Kisses - Marianne Rice

Fighting Pride - Jennifer Miller

Like a Girl - Holly S. Roberts


Paranormal: Long

Tangible Spirits - Becki Willis

Saving Jace - Rebecca Rivard

End of the Road - Karen Michelle Nutt

To Catch a Spirit - Carrie Pulkinen


Contemporary: Cops, Jocks and Cowboys

Securing Kiera's Love - PJ Fiala

Redemption - Kelly Moran

Someone Like You - Brittney Sahin

Wounded Love - Marianne Rice


Contemporary: Sweet

Snow and the Seven Teenagers - Julia Keanini

Crazy in Love - Annabelle Costa

Little Gray Dress - Aimee Brown


Historical: 17th Century – Regency

Satyr's Son - Lucinda Brant

The Reluctant Wife - Caroline Warfield

Kilty Secrets - Anna Markland

The Laird's Reckoning - Jennifer Bray-Weber

When a Rogue Loves a Woman - Samantha Holt

The Devil of Dunmoor - Meggan Connors

The Demon Duke - Margaret Locke



Heart of Frankenstein - Lexi Post

Quest of a Warrior - Mary Morgan

Evil Speaks Softly - Maureen L. Bonatch

Thief of the Night Guild - Andy Peloquin

Garden of Light - Meara Platt



Redemption Lake - Susan Clayton-Goldner

River Whispers - Rachelle J. Christensen

Frosted with Revenge - Catherine Bruns

The Executioner - Shauna Allen


Contemporary: Steamy

Saying I Do - Tracey Alvarez

Broken Wide Open - Susan Griscom

Chased - Kate Carley

Chaos Theory - Merry Farmer

Camden - Xio Axelrod