Reviews - Contemporary

INTER-RACIAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  Kasi is a woman very much scarred by her past and the loss of the one person that meant the world to her.

Broken Wide Open

When Grace catches her husband of three hours with her Maid of Honor, she has to get away, and ends up travelling to Bora Bora for her honeymoon by herself.

Two Italian grandfathers make a pact that their grandchildren - one a boy, the other a girl - who are born on the same day, will wed.

Up Too Close
Andrea K. Stein,
Sawyer Stone

CeCe has a job in Portugal but no way to get there until she runs into René, a playboy sea captain she despises.

Kennedy Simms is an adult - a fact of which she constantly has to remind her brother Hunter. His "No Boys Allowed" reputation has chased away any potential suitor she's ever had.