Reviews - Contemporary

Tildy McVee has a special gift. It has helped her many times but also makes things confusing — and sometimes scary. When her family moves to Adelaide, Tildy is sure that the move is a positive step. Haunted in her dreams, her mother seems to have a lot of worry. The move is meant to be a good thing, and yet there is something bothering her mother and Tildy cannot figure out what it is.

Tiffany Cahill has had it rough. Her ex-boyfriend beat her so brutally that she ended up in the hospital. About a year later, she tries to move on, until the police show up at her front door. She is told that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. Not long after that, someone looking for a list he left behind attacks her.

Don’t Let Him Go

Candace Gleason worked hard to achieve her dreams. After landing a great job with a killer salary, she thinks she has finally made it — until she is assigned to babysit her boss’s son. Jack Morrison is the black sheep of his family.

Imperfect Love Story

Chloe Warren is alone in a parking lot and her car won’t start. She calls the garage, which sends Wyatt Beech on the call. Immediately taken with one another, they begin dating. After ten months, Chloe finds she is pregnant at age eighteen. The day her mother discovers her pregnancy test, her parents send her away to Denver to college.


Chief communications officer Sophie Campbell is looking forward to her boss’s maternity leave so she can prove herself as a temporary city manager and maybe even take over the position full time.  There is just one problem — Marcus Lewis.  It's bad enough that he is her best friend's cousin and object of her childhood crush, but now he has been selected to fill in as city manager.  Annoyed but