Reviews - Contemporary

Kayden is a single mom struggling to raise her daughter, help her father run the family bar, and work on her clothing design dreams on the side.  To make matters worse, she is also dealing with a dangerous biker gang harassing her family.  When JT and his family come to town, it’s the shock of her life that JT isn’t like any other man she’s met, and he quickly captures her heart.  Likewise, JT

Betting on Kincade

WESTERN:  Dalton Kincade can't believe it.  He is barely home from the rodeo circuit and finds his old flame’s stepfather gambling away the ranch, stables, and house. He decides to take a chance on it and wins. It is a bittersweet win, because Cassie’s grandfather always said you could never trust a Kincade.

When Willow and Kyle Scott’s parents are killed in a car accident, Kyle gives up everything to raise fifteen year-old Willow. He is a student at Harvard when the tragedy occurs and Willow becomes the center of his world. Kyle then joins the MMA and begins cage fighting to make a living for the two of them. Now, Willow is twenty and in love with Kyle’s best friend, Regan.

Exit Signs

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Researcher Tracy Price is hired to unearth the whereabouts of a prominent writer who disappeared in New Mexico. She has also been hired by rock star Jesse Elliot to go through his autobiographical manuscript prior to its publication.

Hannah Malone wants revenge for the killing of her brother. She knows the man that is responsible and she will not rest until he pays the price. Hannah is a special agent with the FBI and has been using an informant named Leo. His brother works private security as a bodyguard and is a tech genius that she could really use on her team.