Reviews - Contemporary

Summer in San Remo

Cassie Travers has built a life far away from her teenage love, Jake McQuire. Her concierge service keeps her occupied and is doing well until the man she is dating decides to steal everything from her. Struggling to keep her business open, Cassie takes on an unusual assignment for a client and inadvertently finds herself staring into the eyes of her old flame, Jake.

WESTERN:  Rachel has dreamed of buying the abandoned mansion located down the road from her parents’ ranch for many years. The mansion has become her sanctuary; a place to read, relax, and imagine what the mansion will look like when it is transformed into a hotel. Patrick lives in the city and has an expanding business which he has worked hard to make successful.

Bayou Brides

Nola Dutrey is a New Orleans gal through and through with her love of jazz, food, and culture. Band teacher by day and talented singer by night, her world revolves around music, and she spends all hours of the day dedicated to her goal of getting her band kids ready for competition. But when she first sets eyes on her best friend’s handsome brother, Rex Arceneau, her world turns upside down.


When Genevive Banks was 15, she won an essay contest that awarded her the chance to interview Senator Rick Murphy.  An aspiring writer, Ginnie was excited for the interview.  Unfortunately, the encounter leaves her traumatized and pregnant by the side of the road.

Widowed Snow is heartbroken, yet strong-willed. She raises her two teenage boys alone with love and determination, qualities that don’t go unnoticed by gorgeous Grayson, her sons’ billionaire soccer coach. The two develop a connection, shifting from soccer mom and coach to the beginnings of a friendship.