Reviews - Contemporary

Startup Fiancé

Arav was just looking to protect his company; he was not looking to fall in love. That is what happens, however, when he meets Nisha the beautiful, smart, and accomplished CEO of a rival app company. Being the heads of rival businesses means always having to watch their backs while also being willing to give love a chance.

Athletic, smart and 100% Irish, Conor is definitely easy on the eyes.  Claire has been keeping her eye on him ever since he joined as captain of the men’s hurling team.  As the captain of the women's hurling team and total jock, Claire has been careful to keep her crush under wraps because she’s sure she’s not his type and also, how much more cliché can you get?  Unfortunately, a hurricane has

Cassie Kennedy catches fiancé Rhys having sex with another girl in her car just days before their wedding. She cancels the wedding and her friend Siobhan O’Mara finds her a job in New York, where the two of them will live close to one another. Cassie is reluctant to leave Ireland but is so shattered she feels she needs a complete change of pace.

Chaos at Coconuts

Set in Crystal City, Missouri, “Chaos at Coconuts” revolves around an ensemble cast of three best friends since high school: Alex, the Banker; Suzy, the Wedding Planner; and Hope, the school counselor while introducing a new member to their group of friends, Cheri Van Buren.

Harper Lindquist has a dream.  She desperately wants to renovate the inn that has been in her family for generations.  All she needs is money — lots of money.  When the representative from Hainstock Financial arrives at Solace Lake in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard, to discuss investing, Harper hopes her dreams will soon come true.  But Ethan James is not what he seems, and, suspicious of H