Reviews - Contemporary

The Fix

Ezra Mackenzie hasn’t done much in his life to be proud of. He has a lot of work ahead if he wants to become the kind of man  to catch the interest of a woman like Juliana Almeida. Seemingly  against all odds, Juliana is interested in Ezra—perhaps even more than just interested.

Olivia McAllister and long-time friends Jeff and Hudson were changing the world with their new business, until a huge blowout dissolved their company and their friendship.  Olivia’s life quickly slipped out of control,  and every day continued to get worse.

Lily has recently sold her company. With her friend Maggie, she heads out on a dream vacation to cruise the Italian coast. The trip should give her time to relax and figure out the next phase of life. The problem is, she has no clue what that might be.  On the night before boarding, Lily dances with a handsome man named Zander but is rebuffed when she tries to kiss him.

WESTERN:  Missy Marino has been the manager of Steeple Ridge, a 40-acre horse farm, since she was a young woman, so when it is sold to big city, big business hot shot Tucker Jenkins she is devastated. Her short marriage left her heartbroken and in debt, and she fears her dream of owning the farm is beyond her reach.

Cassidy will never forgive her ex-boyfriend — he used her then abandoned her for Hollywood fame. She’s determined to forget about love and pursue her own dreams this time, starting with her cupcake shop. When  Jase, an actor friend of her former love, turns up at her family’s ranch to research an upcoming role, she takes an immediate dislike to the guy.