Reviews - Contemporary

Marie Grayson has just landed a new university job and part of her responsibility is being a liaison to famous filmmaker Heath Rogers, who is doing a documentary on the women’s

Sage Wilde is an uptight, go-getting, career woman. Luke Riley is a hard-chiseled firefighting hunk with a heart of gold.

Theirs by Chance
Karen Ann

Lance and Marjorie have one really big thing in common - they both suffered the trauma of losing a loved one in a violent and sudden way.  They then isolated themselves in their suffering and resolved to live out the rest of their lives alone.  In a purely chance business encounter they are brought together and a sweet romance blossoms between the two.  However, between Lance’s military PTSD an

One Safe Place

Independent, self-possessed American Naomi Paverman arrives in the small English village of Oldcastle looking for answers to the mystery surrounding her heritage.

WESTERN:  Life is surreal for Ruby Lattrell when she inherits her namesake’s ranch.