Reviews - Contemporary

Chloe Green has her career and life all mapped out and will not veer from her purpose. However, her plan encounters a major obstacle when Paynter enters her life, causing complications and disorder. Not only is he the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, but he is also her next-door neighbor, and happens to be living in the home of her dreams.

Layla eyes Damian across the room at a party and her friend Christina encourages her to speak to him. They hit it off immediately and have great chemistry. They see each other in secret for a short time - Layla is falling in love but not sure how to deal with it - and then he's gone. Damian and his abrupt departure without a word was devastating and took Layla some time to get over.

CHICK-LIT:  Zara is in for a surprise when she flies to New York and the flight is detoured to Denver. Leaving her family in Australia to spend the holiday with her long-distance boyfriend is a big step, but she quickly learns to make the best of her situation after meeting Kyle.

Soon after meeting hunky firefighter Michael Oliver during a photo shoot with Virginia Coast firefighters, photographer Lena Shirakawa elopes in a spontaneous and heated moment in Vegas. Just when things are off to a good start and Lena's career is about to take off, Michaels ex reappears. The hope for a lasting marriage is still within their grasp, however.

Casey Flint has been in a dark place since her mother died.  She’s stopped doing most of the things she loves, and now, she’s discovered her father has sold part of the family’s Wyoming ranch.  Her world seems to be crashing down around her, but she decides to fight back.  She must get the land back and save her ranch.  Scott Martin is a rocket scientist, newly arrived in tiny Haskell Wyoming.