Reviews - Contemporary

Dan Rothberg is a successful forensic accountant. A widower with a teenage daughter, he can’t seem to escape his self-imposed miserable personal life long enough to find happiness with a woman. Hannah Cohen has a budding career in public relations and is recently back on the dating market. When she meets Dan and his daughter Tess at a JCC concert, she thinks he could he be her Mr. Right.

Rose (Beach Brides #9)

Tanner and Rose’s love begins thanks to a message in a bottle. Thrown into the sea by Rose, the bottle finds its way to Tanner, who decides to contact the letter’s mysterious author. After a series of emails, Tanner travels to Oregon to meet Rose. A whirlwind romance has them falling in love and ignoring the thought of Tanner’s inevitable return home.

The Island

Motivational speaker Cassidy “Cassie” Rhone meets Brody Miller at her Social Media and Branding seminar. Cassie has no idea Brody is a successful actor, and is not interested in his advances — despite his mesmerizing green eyes and handsome exterior. His persistence pays off as he tricks her into a first date and then another, finally sparking a romance between the two.

When Kiera Donnelly opens the door to let in the security man, a love from her past is the last person she expects to see. David Haggerty is still hurt, his heart shattered from her sudden disappearance thirty years ago. What he didn't know was that Kiera was forced to marry an evil man to save her father and David from certain death.

Cowboy Six Pack
Kari Lynn Dell, Allison Merritt, Stephanie Berget,
Paty Jager, Melissa Keir, and D'Ann Lindun

WESTERN:  “Cowboy Six Pack” is just that — six standalone contemporary romances with one main theme — sexy cowboys.