Reviews - Contemporary


Kane Fielding is a playboy and media darling with a chiseled body, sinful smile and the money from the family business he’s run since his father’s death.

Daisy’s Choice

A tomboy at heart, Daisy can fix darn near anything thanks to her dad. After his death, she tries to step into his handyman shoes to help a family whose furnace is not working, but she ends up in the Burn Trauma Unit, blind and with 70% of her body burned.

Four years after his fiancée abruptly broke their engagement and disappeared, corporate lawyer Nick Belmont is finally putting his emotional life back together. That is, until his boss, Bryant Huxley, gives him an unorthodox assignment: go to Crystal Creek and convince his daughter, Nick’s ex- fiancée, to come home.

The Opposite of Never
Mary Kathleen

Georgia, Yvonne and Linda are longtime friends and enjoy going on hikes together. They email or call each other most days. On one of their walks, they encounter Kenny and invite him to join in their hiking group. Zelda (Kenny’s step daughter) and Spencer (Yvonne’s son) fall in love and eventually rekindle a flame that started in high school.

Wine Thief

When Chloe heads to Napa to stay with her sister for a “do-over’ in life, a Saturday wine train tour has her seeing things in a whole new way. Along for the tour is a group of bachelors squeezing in the future groom’s last outing. Chloe will be starting a new job as a winery host and feels as if she has a lot to learn. Lucky for her the train’s tour guide has a wealth of wine knowledge.