Reviews - Contemporary

Kiss Me in the Rain

Layla Anderson comes home after a summer as a tour guide only to learn her family’s finances are in shambles. On the verge of bankruptcy, there is only one way to save their business and home – Layla must date Grant Davenport whose father will invest in Cypress Grove, the Anderson family business.

Food and Romance Go Together, Vol. 1: An Anthology
Sue Stewart Ade, Ryan Jo Summers, Sonja Gunter,
Jody Vitek, Randi Perrin, April Marcom, Holly Marcom

Jillian has loved Ash forever. He is divorced now, and his children are staying with his father who lives next door to Jillian. He asks Jillian to tutor his daughter, Lilly, in reading. Jillian wishes his interest in her were personally. Kestin is an Army Ranger who lost his leg in Afghanistan. He answers an ad to teach a woman to cook. Will this arrangement turn into more than business?

Home Place

Newly retired Air Force Colonel Margaret Wainwright is settling into the home she inherits from her Aunt Millie in Alabama. On her first day, she meets her neighbor, Jim, who seems vaguely familiar. Soon she realizes “Jim” is Jim McQuaid, one of her favorite childhood friends. Jim seems to appear every time she needs help fixing something around her circa 1932 Craftsman house.

Two weeks before Christmas, Madison finds herself without a job due to her boss’ divorce and his ex-wife winning the practice. Already not able to meet her bills, she is distraught trying to figure out how to provide Christmas to her young daughter.

Ashley, a well-known publicist, manages to convince her client, and cousin, Chase to agree to a fake wedding to garner publicity and sponsors for his bull riding. The girl is to be picked by a written contest, and Jessie is that lucky bride, which comes as a surprise to her since she did not enter. Her friend entered for her in a move she thinks will push Jessie out of her comfort zone.