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Bibliophiles often claim to love the whole experience of reading a book: the pressed woodsy crisp smell of the pages, the feel of the cover, the weight of the book in their hand, the slight tinge of ink lingering in the air, artwork encasing the wondrous object being held, the bold words that draw one in, and the invitation to come into another world and escape one’s own.

Writer's Block

You stare at the screen. Actually stare at it. Like the words will write themselves. Isn’t that how it works? The cursor just blinks at you and that little inner voice starts talking to you…again. Why aren’t you writing? “I don’t know. Just can’t think of anything to write.” Well, you are a writer.

How has growing up in a small town affected your writing?

Poetry Corner

Apologia from a Teenager’s Mother

“I paid the girl that comes to clean
Ten bucks this morning, John.
She worked like hell to wax the floor
Your muddy shoes are on.
I know! It doesn’t matter and
You’ve heard it all before…”

And John walked through the
    nagging house
And slammed his bedroom door.

As promised in last month’s article, for the next few months I’ll be your woman on the street. Booyah! Being an avid learner of things, I’ve watched webinars, paid for courses, traveled to conventions, and read thousands of articles. In the coming months, I’ll share and separate, what I feel, is the wheat from the chaff. Why? Because we Indies should be in this thing together.