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Rising Star Spotlight: Kate Robbins

First, tell us about Newfoundland!  Were you born and raised there or have you transplanted from somewhere else? If so from where? Newfoundland is the island portion of the most easterly Canadian province of Labrador. In fact, it’s the most easterly location in North America.

New Year, New Me

I think that's what most people try to do every January at the changing of the year. We pledge to change our lifestyle to be a better, thinner, smarter version of ourselves all because the calendar changes to a new year.

In Love With Romance

I think I was in love with Romance from a very young age. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house as a child. Sure, she played the usual Disney cartoons (Chip and Dale were my favorite), Tom and Jerry, and the Roadrunner, but at some point, I graduated on to…*sing-songy voice* musicals! Ah, musicals…They were epic and cinematic and, and in TECHNICOLOR!


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