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You feel ready. This night has been on your mind for quite a while. The typical fears, nervousness, and problematic stomach issues are going full force. In a way it's like the first time again. New things tend to make you uneasy. You've never spent the night with this type before. It's not like you haven't spent numerous nights, doing the deed. You're human after all.

I think everyone is curious as to what it would be like growing up in the suburbs of New York City!  Tell us about it. "I feel lucky to have grown up so close to New York City, with all of the vibrancy and energy less than an hour away.

For the Love of Writing
St. Angeles

“Oh, wow, you’re an author? That’s so cool! What do you write? Where can I get it?”I still love hearing those words, it’s just the ones that invariably follow that leave me sighing. “So, you’re like, famous? How many books have you sold?”


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