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I first met Tessa years ago when she was just an up-and-coming new star and I was working in traditional publishing.  I found her to be a little shy and soft-spoken but surprisingly witty, warm and fun to be around once we started gabbing.

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Every year we go through this, and it’s always the same. That feeling in the depths of your soul—a mixture of terror and joy—that only arrives when you start thinking about how a certain day will turn out.

There is another factor for authors to consider when pondering why audiobooks are not only good for sales, fan base, and additional marketing opportunities…what about those who are unable to read your printed words? I’m going to share an embarrassing story with you.

What is it about meeting someone you stalk *cough* admire?It’s like a chemistry experiment gone wrong!Giddy bubbles fizz under the skin like coach passengers rushing to board a plane; your face morphs into a smile so big it borders on Grinchy, and your eyes bug from your head, as if you’ve just b

I used to be so careful. After all, every How-To book on the art of writing provides the same advice—don't base your fictional characters on real people.

Have you ever tried out a new-to-you author who totally blew you away? I mean, finish the last page and then sit there in shock and awe for endless minutes (hours?

June stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was definitely sunburned on her shoulders and arms, and her feet, of all places. Otherwise, her makeup hid the sun she’d gotten on her face, and she’d washed all the sand and seawater from her hair.


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