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A lunch with Gini is one never to be forgotten!  Strolling up in a hot pink sweat jacket, black Aerosmith t-shirt, ear muffs (to help with an ear problem in the cool breeze) and wearing the most oddly interesting pair of flip-flops imaginable while sporting a grin that warms instantly, it’s obvio

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A couple of weeks ago I indulged in a summer guilty-pleasure, and what has become a tradition with me and my two kids:  we went to the theatre to see the new Transformers movie.  It began as a family outing to the movies - Mr.

Have you ever dreamed of writing a story that would someday become a smash hit on the big screen?  Odds are almost all writers have harbored that little tidbit of desire but most also know the odds against it ever coming to pass!  Now, however, that dream may not be such a fantasy.  

Isbeth smoothed down the front of her new uniform. The bliaut of rough woven wool dyed brown hung from her thinning frame in limp folds. She didn’t bother cinching the laces tighter. Each layer was made of the same material, poorly made and coarse in texture.

In our house, you learned to roll with the punches, or in this case the punch line. Having a witty or snarky comeback was a necessary balance to offset our grisly conversations at dinner time. Living in a medical household usually led to gag inducing topics. Well...for the average person anyway.

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