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We all know those authors who, at the mere mention of their name, makes anyone who has read them immediately start to squeal and gush.  Well, Sherry Thomas is one of those.  So, when given the opportunity to sit down and visit with her, I was honestly very nervous (fan-girl moment!)  But, she sho

InD: You have such a great story, Karen! What brought you to the point where you started writing “seasoned” [age 40 and over] heroines and heroes?


Featured Articles

Stress, anxiety, contention, strife, turmoil—pick a verb, whatever you want to call it—there isn’t one person on this planet who hasn’t been touched by one of these in the past year. It’s something we all have in common no matter what our views on any given topic.

I recently had the supreme pleasure of crossing something off my author bucket list when I pitched my novel to some heavy-hitting Hollywood producers as a great concept for a feature film.This opportunity blew past my desk like a tornado one day, and in my never-say-never optimism, I got myself a

The year has flown by, again, and we are now inundated with Christmas decorations and other holiday fanfare. The bad side is dealing with the crowds, and fighting to get the last electronic gizmo that the media says you have to have.

 I LOVE your by-line, "Grownup romance from the other side of 30"!  Explain the reason for choosing it.

At the wildly successful InD’Scribe conference in October in Burbank, California, I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop on the basics of making an audiobook, primarily using ACX as the platform.

 June let her eyes slide shut for a moment as Lance drove the borrowed Jeep to the Maui restaurant. The wind was cool, yet not cold enough for a jacket.


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