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If you have ever wished for a sexy, pretty, fun friend who loves to shop and has your back no matter what, Kristen Painter is a dream come true!  She’s upfront and frank but funny and engagingly warm and friendly.  She is also one of Indie publishing’s most popular authors right now!  Whether it’

Sean first came to our attention in the unlikeliest of ways - he started doing promotions for us - for fun!  Our mutual good friend Michael Foster was shooting some promos for InD’Scribe Con and Sean joined in.  With no thought for compensation or reward, he helped us just because he felt it was


Featured Articles

Are you serious? June Dawson tapped Send on her phone and smiled as the chime confirmed her sent text. Her best friend Sydney was planning an all-girls weekend on one of the Hawaiian islands before she married at the end of the summer. Typical Sydney.

I didn’t think I’d see another superhero scene as scrumdiddlyicious as Superman emerging from the flames on the oil derrick, but holy heck, the new Captain America helicopter scene is…lash-flutteringly spectacular!

As an author of historical fiction, I am fascinated at how much our ideas of romance and heroic ideals have changed over the years. In books, we are often presented with genuine characters from the past, shown to us as we might like them to be. But this is often more wishful thinking than fact.

Every year I look through a calendar of events for writers, readers, publishers, agents, artists, and anyone who has anything to do with writing and business of books. There are conferences for just about everything you can imagine, all across the country and around the world.

We’ve all done it. Paid hard-earned money for a novel that just wasn’t our answer to the weekend’s open schedule. It’s frustrating when you get twenty pages in and realize that you just can’t continue with the story, the characters, the boredom.

With the crazy exponential growth of audiobooks year after year, listeners and fans have made it clear that they need help choosing the best in audiobook listening. People are conscious of the money they’re spending and are loathe to purchase a download they might not enjoy.


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