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Roxie came to our attention by the sheer number of people that asked us to interview her!  And, once we read the first book of her Russian Protector series, we knew exactly why!  She, like her stories, is unique yet delightfully common.She is an everywoman, representing multi-culture, creativity,

Featured Articles

There is this preconceived view that love and romance are the prerogative of the young. Likewise, some people seem to believe that once we reach a certain age, lust dries up, leaving us uninterested in sex – and love, and romance. Huh. Let me tell you, this is wrong. Very, very wrong!

Though St. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for a very long time, the Valentine’s Day cards we send today, and their romantic precursors with pictures, lace and ribbons didn’t really come into fashion until the mid 19th century with the Victorian era.

Gregory Peck was hunkalicious. I can watch him in “Roman Holiday” again and again and never tire of it. His deep voice and the words he could speak with his eyes drew me into a happy little romance-induced coma.

Through this series of articles, Laura Harner and Kymber Morgan have invited you to join them on a journey of fun, trials, tribulations and the odd giggle-inducing antic as they co-author a book from inception to publication, from two different countries, ‘on camera’.

Does everyone have a soul mate? Better yet, what is a soul mate? It depends on how you define a soul mate...  The Greek philosopher Aristophanes first coined the idea of a race of soul mates. Instead of two individuals who loved each other, his soul mate had four arms, four legs, and two faces.

Isbeth sank into the only empty chair in the kitchen. A man sat at her table again. At least this time Master Ashfield wasn't bleeding on it. But the situation wasn't much better. He looked as pale as fresh milk and as weak as watered ale. Even more unsettling was the mess surrounding him.

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