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How does one describe a legend? Well, if it is F. Paul Wilson, it would be gracious, engaging and often humorous, with a dry wit that keeps you on your toes.  His story is inspiring. He is a family doctor who writes award-winning novels on the side, a professed science geek who finds interest and questions even in the most mundane (or far-fetched) places.

Featured Articles

Being a mystery author and playing cop behind my computer is certainly a safer take on the job, but I wanted firsthand experience of being out in the field. That desire had me signing up for a ride-along with a local police sergeant, and today was the day.

What’s the longest time you’ve ever spent on Pinterest in one sitting? One hour? Two hours? Maybe even five hours? Mine is three. Pinterest is addicting. If you’re spending as much time as I am on Pinterest, are you doing it wisely? Are you pinning with a purpose?

There is much to be gained from reading romance novels—more than just a good story to curl up with on a rainy night. For those of us who love the sweeping historical sagas, there can be lessons in history, as well as love.

Her powers of persuasion are the stuff of legend, and I covet her indomitable spirit. This friend of mine is a force to be reckoned with and it comes as naturally to her as breathing. Broken fridge in the condo we’re renting for our writer’s retreat? Donna’s on it. Jacuzzi malfunctioning?

Everyone has their favorite place to escape to—their hideaway from reality.For some, it’s the beach, others the mountains, and for many of us it’s just somewhere quiet, where we can get away from everyday stress.After I started writing and doing graphic art, I discovered a lot of people find thei

“You have to seriously come watch this,” Sydney told June.June crossed to the open patio door of their rented Maui bungalow. June and her two best friends, Sydney and Maria, were spending a vacation together on the beautiful island.

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