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Have you ever experienced one of those weird déja vu moments when you meet someone and could swear you’ve known them forever?  Well, that is exactly what happened the first time I met Christine.  From her very first hello, I found a completely down-to-earth, open and incredibly sweet woman who wa

The husband and wife writing duo of  Ilona Andrews have always been a HUGE staff favorite here at InD’tale but one of the most illusive to track down and get an interview with!  Persistence paid off, however, and we finally had the pleasure of spending some time with this amazing couple.Both Ilon


Featured Articles

The opening scene of “Guardians of the Galaxy” made me fall in insta-love with Chris Pratt—mostly because I’m an absolute sucker for a man who can dance. I must say it helps that his character’s personality is just as adorable and swoon-worthy—especially when he refers to himself as Star Lord.

Last month, my fellow narrator and collaborator for this column, Karen Commins, wrote about how the digital revolution is fueling the explosive growth of audiobooks.

It’s time again for my semi-annual work-in-progress novel writing contest blitz.Those not familiar with this somewhat threatening-sounding phrase should rest easy.

I jumped back as a glass vase flew off the fireplace mantel and soared across the room, shattering to pieces as it hit the wood floor less than a foot in front of me.“Seriously?” I yelled.

Balls and assemblies form a regular feature of Georgian and Regency era historical novels. Often heroes and heroines meet, flirt, fight, and even fall in love on the ball room floor. But, what was it really like to attend a ball? Recently, I got to find out first hand.

One of the perks of being a book cover artist is being friends with other book cover artists and sharing a lot of interesting tales about the “backstage” of publishing. So when one of my friends spotted a book featuring Bieber and a dinosaur in an al fresco situation, there was mass clickage.

When I was a kid I used to set up intricate Barbie homes in my bedroom (so intricate that I once had to sleep in the spare room) and spend days pretending to be someone else.  If I could imagine it, Barbie could be it.  No job out of reach, no goal unattainable, and no detail unable to be glossed


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