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In the course of our lives, we come across many fun, smart, talented people.  Every once in a while, we also meet those rare few who are truly sit-up-and-take- notice inspiring.  Brenda Novak fits into the last category.  

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Every once in a while, we run across someone who seems to defy all known societal rules, and that tweaks our interest.

Rejection. The bane of our profession. Those slips of paper which discourage writers, make them question why they bother, and may even cause them to abandon their dreams. Some don’t even get this far.

Tom Cruise. What images get conjured up? Jets, leather jackets, and aviator glasses? High and tight hair in a stark white uniform? Long and shaggy hair while climbing mirrored skyscrapers? High-speed car chases, shootouts, and fight scenes?

Have you heard about Amazon’s new Kindle Scout Publishing Program? Actually, it has replaced the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, and in essence gives many more authors a chance at winning a good deal with Amazon, including a $1500 advance.

As I sit down to write my monthly babble, spring has finally arrived on the Canadian Prairies.

Full disclosure: the following stems from a conversation I had with my friend, Ann Gimpel, a Best Selling Author of Dark Urban Fantasy.The conversation went something like this: Ann: “I need to add keywords to my book covers.”

Historical romances, set in and around 1850’s Europe, especially those that focus on fancy dress balls as part of courting rituals, often contain references to the jewels that adorn the necks, fingers, hair and earlobes of the lovely debutantes.

“The next afternoon, Isbeth let herself into the second floor rooms after the men left. It all looked much that same as it did when she cleaned. Clothing, dirty dishes, and half-filled wine goblets placed about without care or pretense of order.


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