Reviews - Contemporary

Blind Magic

Oliver is wounded in the line of duty, leaving him permanently blind. If that weren’t bad enough, he is also suffering from a strange bout of hallucinations, which leads him to the white witch, Marcy. When Marcy lays eyes on Oliver, she is immediately mesmerized by him.

A crisis in the family forces Faith Copeland to return home after ten years of self-imposed exile. She’s returning to  the small town where her she publicly left Greg Mallory waiting at the alter all those years ago. She dreads facing him especially since her love for him is still strong. Greg hasn’t been the same since Faith left.

All But What’s Left

Hannah Tatum loses her mother when she’s six years old, and her life is never the same. She grows up with her dad, running the farm, dreaming of a traditional future: she’ll marry her childhood sweetheart, Radek, take over the family farm, and live happily ever after. Of course, by her twenty-first birthday, her carefully planned life begins to fall apart.

Hoping to leave heartache and disappointment behind in Tennessee, Wren Williams sells her car and moves to Chicago to join her two best friends, Ryan and Terayn in their townhome. Desperate to end her year of self-imposed celibacy with a night of fun, Wren agrees to go on a blind date with Jackson Carmichael.

Maisy Fields has lived through a mother’s worst nightmare—the death of her children.  She has left her home in the UK to return to a vacation spot on Nags Head, North Carolina hoping to recapture some of the joy from her youth and heal her heart.  While walking along the beach, she reunites with Jarrod Steel, a crush from a vacation to this same beach as a teenager.  Some 15 years later, the ch