Reviews - Contemporary

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Chloe is a little cautious when it comes to getting close to people. Moose wants to get closer to her; a successful businessman, he wants to get to know the ice cream shop manager better. He gets his chance when Chloe's ex comes into town and she tells him that Moose is her fiancé.

Kaycee has moved to New York as a member of the Art Forgery and Theft CID. She's trying to put her past behind her, including Mason Malone. Kaycee is working with Englishman Alex Halaway who is sexy as sin and could have any woman doing his bidding with his accent alone.

After Brian Archer encounters former classmate, Katelyn Kellerman, in the overcrowded airport when he returns home to Greenridge, BC, he will soon discover his life has changed forever. Grounded by her abusive ex-husband, who refuses to allow her to flee with their two children, Katelyn reluctantly accepts a ride from Brian to his brother’s B&B, River’s Sigh.

INTER-RACIAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  Kasi is a woman very much scarred by her past and the loss of the one person that meant the world to her. Two years after that fateful event and, upon her therapist’s behest, Kasi attends a support group where she meets Jai Kim. Jai has also lost someone close to him.

Broken Wide Open

When Grace catches her husband of three hours with her Maid of Honor, she has to get away, and ends up travelling to Bora Bora for her honeymoon by herself. While there, she meets handsome hunk Leo, a marine biologist. Leo is very interested in Grace and makes a point of inviting her to join him in his daily treks.