Reviews - Contemporary

Penelope Carter lives the simple life. She owns a quaint tea shop in Seattle where she works six days a week—most of the time even sleeping on a pallet in the back room. Business could be better, and her mother could be less critical, but Penelope believes herself to be content with the quiet life she has created for herself.

Lying for a Living

Jesse Few has made lying for a living into an art form. The insincere, quintessential traveling salesman continues letting the people in his life down, from his ex-wife and two teenage children to his creditors and coworkers—ones he dutifully lays off to appease his manager in the wake of a recession ravaging the southern United States, including his hometown of Dwyer, Georgia.

Under the Cherry Tree

CHICK-LIT:  Jenni Meadows owns her own dog-grooming business, but she dreams of expanding "Telling Tails" into something more. When her mom hands her a brochure for a property that meets all of her requirements and then some, she buys Cherry Tree Farm. Between the renovations and the push to get everything in place for the grand re-opening, Jenni has little time for anything else.

Jenn Lesley is a single thirty-something lawyer who is desperate to find a husband. Her “friends with benefits” situation with Walker Booth is the exact opposite of what she's looking for. She wants someone who's stable, dependable and marriage ready. She thinks she's found it in Clark Fuller. But when her Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong, Jenn seeks solace in Walker's arms.

Rachel Riley is a survivor: first as a child in foster care, then bouncing back from an abusive relationship. She has now moved back home to start over yet again.