Reviews - Contemporary

Silver Morgenstern is a former surgeon looking for a new purpose in life. Her current job is rewarding, but isn’t her dream. Her dream was tragically taken away by an accident.

The Sweet Spot

Giovanni Caceres is tired of being the screw up; in fact if he can just keep his nose clean while playing for the Arlington Aces, he might just have a shot at making it to the m

The Turkish Affair
J. Arlene

Anne Pierson has abandoned life in the West; choosing instead a quiet, secluded life in the tiny town of Gükale in Turkey.

Indispensable personal assistant Sammy Anderson keeps the famous Beauford brothers’ lives running smoothly by anticipating their needs and performing their bidding. 

Fire and Midnight
Sandra Renee

Jane Keegan could not believe she was actually going to book a "date" with an escort!  It is all her BFF's fault - well, that and the wine she drank while cruising the site.  In a hotel in San Antonio for business, she gives in to her friend's encouragement and books a date with Ryan.  Ryan Zeigler cannot believe he is still active on “The Cowboys” website, for he now owns his own restaurant on