Reviews - Contemporary

Celebrity Status

Elizabeth Stanfield is an actress who has fame, fortune, and a glittering lifestyle full of parties, a hot fiancé, and a best friend who produces and directs movies; but not all that glitters is gold. Her best friend, Billy Stone, also dabbles with the local organized crime, her fiancé isn’t being faithful, and the studio head and director of her latest movie are determined to see her fall.

Giving Her Promise

Claire Bronstad is a high school biology teacher who avoids home at all cost. But when her brother surprises her with an invitation to his whirlwind wedding, Claire has no choice but to leave her comfort zone and buy a plane ticket. Before she leaves, her longtime best friend and roommate, Greyson, kisses her, suggesting they start a relationship.

Royally Pucked

Prince Manning of Stölland is a spare heir who does nothing more than cause scandal. So, when he is shipped off to the States to play professional hockey, he has no objections. His fiancée is a shrew, and he would rather play on the ice anyway. His one job is to stay away from the American women and not cause scandal.

Fiona Campbell, former Chicago reporter, has been elected Chairman of the Town Board on Washington Island, besting the universally disliked Stella Desrosiers. But Stella always has another scheme and as budgetary issues loom, her campaign of distrust and character smearing begins to wear on Fiona’s resolve.

Getting Over Brett

Tori has had a crush on Brett, her brother Ry’s best friend, since forever.  Finally, after saving herself for so long, she gets her chance to hook up with him. But, all her dreams are shattered when Brett leaves before morning without even saying goodbye.