Reviews - Contemporary


The next installment in the River Sigh B&B series brings together Mia Grant, a teen pop-star searching for healing and Gray, a hermit hiding from the heartache and pain of life.  When Mia first steps foot onto the property of River Sigh, anxiety grips her tightly, but she is determined to break its ties and find a way to live life once more.  In need of the cash job, Gray begrudgingly accep

Secret Desires

Margo could really use the tidy sum her uncle bequeathed her, but before she can take charge of the funds, she is required to get a teaching job.  In the meantime, she seeks advice from Edward, an investment banker recommended by her attorney.  When Edward lost his wife to cancer, he was sure he would never fall in love again… until Margo walked into his office.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ruby Harkwad, is a talented songwriter. She meets Collin Moore, a true rocket scientist, when he sub-teaches her physics class. Their attraction is instant. When Collin posts a video of Ruby on line, it catches the eye of a major record label. Ruby is offered a recording contract. Soon they both have the world by the tail as their own individual careers take off.

Adelyn is an expert planner. Making lists comes as naturally as breathing. Unfortunately, finding a man that meets the requirements on her "to marry" list is proving more difficult than expected. Although Adelyn is certain her list will help her find Mr. Right, her friends are less confident.

Matteo Vanni doesn’t remember his life before he washed up on a Tunisian beach six years ago. With no ties to his past other than a wedding ring, he becomes a successful and wealthy entrepreneur free to make his own choices, until a knock on the head brings back some of his memories — including that of his wife, Bella back in Sicily.