Reviews - Contemporary

Liz Montgomery is used to being seen as "a Montgomery" — an extension of her famous sports family — but rarely as herself. After her engagement ends in disaster, Liz is determined to keep relationships from hurting her again.

Maddie Scott-Smith has come back to her hometown to help take care of her ailing grandfather and the family winery. Wyatt Leone is not pleased that she is back, not to mention the fact that she now has another man’s child. This is a blow he doesn't want to deal with. Maddie and Wyatt had a relationship and it ended abruptly a year prior. Now what?

Findley has just six months to prove to the court that she can provide a safe home for her child with learning disabilities. She returns home to Missoula, Montana where she feels safe. Her first port of call is to find a new job. Reese Moore has never forgotten his teenage girlfriend, so when she turns up working at his Dad's company, he can't believe it.

The Burnout Cure

After losing her fiancé to suicide, Doctor Lily Reid has dedicated her life to the prevention of depression and suicide awareness among overworked physicians.  Doctor Wolf Knox is a hospitalist who does not believe that what Lily is fighting for is worth the effort. He is, however, attracted to her and will stop at nothing to get her into his bed.

De Ross

Kendra Kensington is a hard-working romance novelist hoping to write a story that will help her become a household name. When the call finally comes from her agent that one of her novels will be made into a movie, Kendra is ecstatic. Deciding to share the news with her boyfriend, she walks into his apartment only to find him in bed with another woman.