Reviews - Contemporary

While rehabilitating from a career-ending car accident, professional tennis player Logan Collins travels to Montana where he has inherited his uncle’s ranch.  His plan is to sell it and return to his life

No Life but This

Abigail Garsson has led a life governed by family circumstances and other people. With the determination to forge a new life not controlled by others, she goes on a vacation to São Miguel in the Azores.

Chloe Green has her career and life all mapped out and will not veer from her purpose. However, her plan encounters a major obstacle when Paynter enters her life, causing complications and disorder.

Layla eyes Damian across the room at a party and her friend Christina encourages her to speak to him. They hit it off immediately and have great chemistry.

CHICK-LIT:  Zara is in for a surprise when she flies to New York and the flight is detoured to Denver. Leaving her family in Australia to spend the holiday with her long-distanc