Reviews - Contemporary

Slay the Demon
Laura Lee

Kimberly Wilson survives a school shooting and in the aftermath of her experience becomes a trauma counselor.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Cardiac nurse Carrie Hansen is battling her own heart issues.

Canaan’s Land
Lee Ann Sontheimer

Canaan “Cane” Moss is a simple man working the Missouri farm passed down to him through generations.  Alone for some time, he’s got his eye on Kaitlin Koch, the new reporter in town.

Playing House

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bailey Meredith wants to get out into the world and show everyone what she can do with her expertise in interior design. Unfortunately, as an assistant she's more an expert in making coffee — that is, until she's offered the job of a lifetime. Wilder Aldrich sees Bailey's potential the moment he meets her, and believes she's everything he needs for his home improvement show.

After what feels like a lifetime of tragedy Kendall Aasgaard has decided to return home.  She drops off the radar in Portland and hopes to leave her most recent catastrophe behind.  Returning to her hometown in Minnesota seems like the safest bet, and after sixteen years she prays that Ben Montgomery is still around to help keep her safe — and maybe develop into a little more?