Reviews - Paranormal

Fire Magic and Ice Cream

Quinn is a darn good accountant living with her family in Phoenix, Arizona. The hot desert town has more than one ice cream shop, however, the one Quinn is partial to is in the same strip mall where she pampers her ‘piggies’ with frequent pedicures.

Safety in numbers is the age-old saying, that is, until most of your group runs off leaving only a note behind to meet in Hopewell, Maine. With zombies running loose in the streets, and now a new breed of wolf-hybrids hunting them, Jenna, Caleb, Lilly, and Eric must stick together while traveling hundreds of miles with barely any supplies and their lives in constant danger.

Steffi Anbruzzen and her sisters are shapeshifters, but they are not like normal shapeshifters. Their abilities are so much different, more powerful, and they’re a threat to others. Steffi can take any biological shape she wants, but when she loses that ability OASIS steps in and appoints Sawyer Montaigne to help her and distract her.

HISTORICAL: She awakens in painted form, an artistic creation. Slowly she gains consciousness and a name: Saffron. Emmett Charles, a wealthy scion of a Boston family, is haunted by the death of the woman he loved from five years ago; a woman he failed. He is stunned to find a painting of Saffron and cannot resist buying it.

After fleeing family drama, Grace Liller awakes on a train traveling across the U.K. The trip was on impulse, a secret, and no one save her best friend knows where she is. Stumbling into an available roommate situation, Grace meets Sam Thomas, and the sparks ignite. Sam is in a similar spot, having escaped his own family’s expectations for his future.