Reviews - Paranormal

Taj is a thousand-year-old unindentured Djinn who is just trying to enjoy all the pleasures of being both free and all-powerful. But then his sister’s magician boyfriend, Jered, comes crashing into his life with claims that Leela has been kidnapped.

The youkai are mythical creatures of darkness and death. Vampires of Japanese legend, they are immortal, yet thirst for the blood that maintains their vitality. Two hundred years ago, when their kind faced extermination, samurai Sakurai Hideyoshi and his young associate Hiro made a bargain to maintain the peace between the youkai and those who hunted them.

Private Investigator and Mage, Alice Worth, is at it again. Working to help solve unusual cases often involving the supernatural is Alice’s specialty. With her current relationship strained by the addition of her birth father staying with them, Alice struggles to find her place in the pack.

Catherine “Cat” Morland is a necromancer who communicates with the dead. She is forced to hide it because her parents have told her it is an evil talent. When a neighbor invites her to the magical Big Apple, New York City, Catherine is apprehensive about leaving home—until she meets Henry Tilney, who is going to be her mentor.

It's Christmas Eve and Eden is miserable as she thinks of her cheating ex-fiancé, the loss of her grant, and the quarrel with her mother. After drowning her sorrows in eggnog, she hunts for a Christmas tree, only to have one topple on her! As her guardian angel, Theliel has been saving Eden since she was born, except not in corporeal form which breaks all kinds of rules.