Reviews - Paranormal

The Nightslayer

Skarde is a vampire for hire, willing to fight other supernatural creatures. However, he is cursed with one of the worst fates he can think of. His destiny states that the one he turns will cause his soul to burn and doom his people. Sadly, the one he is drawn to more than any other woman in the world, and the woman he instantly falls for, tempts him to bite her like no other.

Brooke’s sister was investigating the disappearance of campers and accidentally discovers something which puts her and her family in danger. She meets her sister, Brooke at the bar to warn her and both are abducted and wake up with collars on them. The collar keeps each of them in their human form instead of who they are as bobcat shifters. Her sister helps Brooke escape, but she doesn’t.

Reseda Juarez is a cold, heartless killer. She is also part of a group of women who kill, known as “The Dolls.” When Reseda’s mother is bitten by a werewolf and is on the verge of dying, Reseda takes her to an Indian healer. The healer tasks Reseda with finding the Pul Yah stone in order to save her mother. For Reseda to get to the stone’s hiding place, however, she must join forces with Kane.

Just when things seem to be settling down on The Hill, things once again take a turn as Henry has doubts about becoming a father to Christine, the attorney the town has asked Henry to turn, knowing he’s suffering from Fang Fever.

SUSPENSE: Jane Black wants to help others. It’s her calling. That’s why she opened her magical shop, Dial Witch, in the cozy hamlet of Mystic Keep. In a town where non-magical people, or regulars, co-exist with witches, warlocks, and other supernaturals, Jane tries to assuage their misgivings by offering magical assistance to her neighbours.